Walter Veith speaks out | How he got secret knowledge of freemasonry

Walter Veith, a well-known Seventh-day Adventist and scholar, talks in a lecture on how he obtained the secret knowledge of Masons and other secret societies. How he received secret esoteric books from Masons and how he can uncover conspiracies. He also reveals occult practices and gives insight into how the secret societies, such as the freemasons work.

Satan communicates with “media” and communicates through “channeling” and shares information to influence politics and the entire world. Demons use esoteric and other occult phenomena to dominate this world of which the Bible speaks. The goal is the new world order in which the satanic doctrine is the measure of all things, instead of Christianity and the Bible. They should become implausible. In earlier years, Walter Veith himself had contact with occult, demonic and supernatural phenomena: He lived with his family in the house of the parents-in-law, who were involved in occult practices. Therefore, his child fell ill with high fever that did not disappear when family Veith became Christians. These events happened several times at the same time, at two o’clock at night, and always after Walter Veith had a dream or the feeling of being strangled by a force. That’s why life took place between her home and the hospital for several months. The child always had the same symptoms, but without a real reason for this problem could be found. Nobody knew a solution to the problem until Walter Veith remembered the Catholic priest who had helped him a similar, unexplained problem years earlier. The Catholic Church could not help. Only after praying with serious and believing Christians could the child be freed from demons.


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