The death of the Pope’s friend, Tony Palmer – the same charismatic young bishop who addressed the Kenneth Copeland Leadership Conference not long ago, was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday. After many hours of surgery, he died on the operating table. Such a fan of the Pope, he had made huge strides in nullifying Luthers protest and reuniting the apostate protestant churches with the mother of all harlots…..THE VATICAN. Did Tony Palmer find out something about his friend, the Pope that got him killed??



  1. This video could not be more boring I keep waiting for something to be said or something to happen I sit and wait for a minute while she fumbles around with her technology or her papers and going round and round with meaningless minutiae a fast forward 5 minutes another 5 minutes another 5 minutes I wait I listen nothing ever happens on this channel who has the time for this

  2. Actually Tom he hasn't, he's not even qualified to perform an exorcism! His title =the sign of the beast in many languages. He wears the # of the beast for he is of the beast. Get to know God on Saturdays, just you & him & God our father, Jesus his son &the holy spirit will show you the way! The devil will try to interrupt your relationship with The Lord but know that when this happens you are actually living of him. God is Love. God Bless Everybody.

  3. We are saved by Grace through Faith PERIOD!!!!! Once a person believes the "Gospel" of Jesus/Yahshua Christ,,,(the Gospel He gave to Saul,on the road to Damascus,who changed his name to Paul). "Believe in your heart", That Jesus Christ died for our sins, (shed HIS blood) was buried and God/Yahweh raised Him from the dead…Thou shalt be saved!!! At that moment God seals you by placing HIS Holy Spirit in you…the Holy Spirit IS the seal…also at that moment ALL of your sins are forgiven. Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. Romans 1:17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. Saved by Grace through Faith!!!

  4. There is a lot of guessing going on in so many aspects at this moment, that we will easily be deceived, remember Jesus told us to not be deceived! Satan is playing games with us all right now.
    Someone is supposedly killed, but may not be, wikipedia says he is dead, yet we do not really know.And because he is dead, after one day ther is a consiracy that he was murdered by the Jesuits.!
     We'll never know what is legit and what is not legit in these end times, because of false reports, stuff is supposedly true and stuff is supposedly a hoax, stuff is suposedly a conspiracy. So much so that all we can rely on is what the bible says and we must do that because every story that comes out, none of us are sure about, and even when we are not sure, we are reporting stuff as fact, well, if we can be deceived this easily, then we have no chance when the Tribulation begins.
    Tony Palmer is dead,…. or is he?
    He was murdered,…. or was he?
    A black horse riding in the sky in Saudi Arabia,….. or was it just a balloon?
    My answer is:- we should wait until we have confirmation before reporting on anything, because if we don't we will make ourselves look un-credible. And we need to remain credible in these end times, because if we don't people will not listen to our messages any longer. (no disrespect to the lady in this video, as this is the first video of hers I've seen.)

  5. a christian is an ingrafted branch—an  adopted Jew,  who are the natural branches.   if a christian bad-mouths his adopted relatives, the Jews,   that is what the Bible describes as a bastard.   You can't get into heaven if you hate the fleshly relatives of Jesus

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