This video is dedicated to All the researchers that have suffered and sacrificed to bring us closer to knowledge of Truth, and to this dying world today. Here in America we have been deceived by forces that most will fail to recognize until being quickened by the help GOD’s people, subjecting ourselves in submission to Christ Alone in the Bible alone, which in turn will bring salt and light to our fallen world. This is why having European History and perspectives helps to free those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear that the game plan for the Corporate United States is rigged by those seated in High Places, just as the Bible says- The hidden hand of Authority in High places in government is hard to see when so many obstacles have been placed in the way. The path to awakening IS a Painful reality that we have to go through in one way, through Jesus Christ our Messiah, and he is not wanted and has been rejected by the harlot daughters and their teaching of Futurism and other false teachings. The preaching of the cross is not wanted for the carnal man, because we have been duped into thinking that the world is all there is and that Almighty GOD does not exist. This is why WE Really need help from our Brothers and Sisters seated with the Holy Spirit in different parts of the world. GOD Bless you, thanks for watching.


10 Replies to “Washington DC, The Crown and Vatican Jesuits, Nobility, Knights, Papal Jews rule the World”

  1. "All roads (wars) lead not to Rome, but to the Rothschild's jewish state. World war one, (Balfour declaration) World war two (transfer agreement). The war on terror, ISIS (oden yiden plan for destabilization) were/are manipulations and contrivances in order to create Greater Israel."
    Best to call a spade. Seems so many "truthers" are afraid to say the J word when it is that filthy tribe, the jew that is the evil stain that runs through humanity for thousands of years.
    Using words like Illuminati, free masons, the elite and the like are only deflecting from these jew demons who created all these "secret" societies to begin with. As for the vatican, the pope too bows to the jew.
    Leaves you looking like a disinformation agent giving out half truths.
    Tell it like it is, unfiltered truth instead of misguiding ignorant fools who don't do their own research

  2. If you were Satan and wanted to destroy the planet what better one to use but Judah! If you search the genealogy of Elizabeth (Queen) you will see she is held out to be of Judah. Taking the list of Judahite rulers, dating back to the beginning of the pagan "common law" (1215-Magma Carta) you will note the changing of the guards. For example, King John Lackland was pagan. There is one other ruler between John and James (1603) who is Judahite and the rest are pagan. For example, William and Mary were Edomites aka "Jews" and they invented the Hittite Bank of England. 20 years later Judah is brought in (George I/II) to do damage control.

    What we have here is the Game of Thrones. Vatican uses the pagan rulers to set in place the damage and brings in Judah to take the heat. It really is quite brilliant!

  3. You should include organ harvesting in China. Bombay babylonian Jews Sassoon opium trader, East Indian Company, Yale in China, Mao Zaedong flees China after Japanese invasion, Cultural revolution, only catholic religion allowed, persecution of Falun Gong, 1-1.5 million killed for their organs since 1999, Jiang Zemin and polit byrou responsible, Chinese Stasi police, Jiang Zemin declares war against all believers. Persecutions of house Christians, uighurs, tibetans etc.

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