What did the early church “fathers” believe concerning Antichrist? From Romanism & The Reformation

YouTube would not allow to include Inquisition Update into the title (too long), but this is part 17 of the reading/discussion of “Romanism and the Reformation”. Tom Friess from Inquisition Update reads, analyzes and discusses this wonderful book that, next to the Bible, every Bible believing follower of our LORD Jesus Christ should know.
The futurist lie from the Vatican and their military order of ‘The Society Of Jesus’ is historically, biblically and prophetically exposed, leaving no room for doubt or questions.
In these end times of total roman catholic – diabolical – deception it is of utmost importance to have a knowledge of the real, often omitted, history that will make clear where we are heading today and in the future.
You can contact Tom Friess here:
The book as pdf can be found here:
and here:
In the following playlists all parts of the book reading can be found:
Playlist ‘Inquisition Update’ on YT channel joggler66:

Playlist ‘Inquisition Update’ on YT channel jogglerswarondisinfo:

Playlist “Romanism and the Reformation” on YT channel Jorg Glismann

Here you can find the original audio recording, including the study group contributions that took place after the reading:

Hour of the Truth on VIMEO:
VIMEO channel: https://vimeo.com/user45043799

Playlist “Hour of the Truth”

Playlist ‘Inquisition Update’:

Playlist “Hour of the Truth meets Inquisition Update”
Ch 3: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnjz0fxleAFds7Z1pWIMfYWbAK-ztughD
Ch 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf8pXpMRcLXu8GW97x3U_eBnPaX5ppbH1

Playlist “Romanism and the Reformation”

Who is the Biblical, Historical and Prophetic ANTICHRIST?
Playlist Characteristics of Antichrist

Playlist “Rulers Of Evil:

Playlist “Babylon Mystery Religion”:

Playlist “Behind the Dictators”:

Playlist “All Roads lead to Rome”:

Playlist “History of the Inquisition”:

Playlist “Inquisition Update:

Playlist “Nothing But the Truth”:

Playlist ‘The Global Vatican’ Reviewed by Tom Friess, Inquisition Update

Playlist Tom Friess Reviews – Rome And Civil Liberty – Inquisition Update

Playlist “Footprints of the Jesuits” – Tom Friess from Inquisition Update

Playlist “The Papacy and the Civil Power” by R. W. Thompson Reviewed by Tom Friess, Inquisition Update

Playlist “The Foundations under Attack- The Roots of Apostacy” by Michael De Semlyen reviewed by Tom Friess from Inquisition Update


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  1. . And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
    HAVE YOU NOTICED THOSE 3 FROGS WERE ON THE COAT OF ARMS HERALDIC SYMBOL OF CLOVIS??? can anyone explain this? Also can anyone explain prince charles coat of arms and why the queen in his 1969 investment said to him that the dragon gives him his throne, authority and power? His heraldic symbol clearly says he serves the Dragon
     And the great city was divided into three parts. seems like DC, the Vatican, and the Dragon flag identified inner city of London.
    can anyone refute this or show different interpretation? thanks

  2. Reference Daniel not eating of the kings table. You said that Daniel never wanted to be beholden to the king. Not so. The food was offerings to idols then eaten by the people. Daniel, knowing this was an abomination to The Lord refused to partake of it.

  3. Finally those that have rightly divided the prophecies of Daniel and John. So sad that so few understand the correct, Historicism concept of prophetic interpretation. More need to also understand the correct interpretation of Hell, state of the dead via 1st death, and the vital importance of the Lord's day via the 4th commandment. This commandment is the only one that demonstrates authority. It has the name, office and domain of Him that authorizes the law. Lord – the Creator – of the heavens & Earth, and all that in them is. The Sabbath was instituted as the finale of the Creation week. It is a memorial of creation forever and is the Lord's Day – the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. The Papal system changed the 7th day Sabbath to Sunday, the 1st day of the week, and they ADMIT it and claim it is the mark of their authority. Sunday was the holy day for the pagan sun god in Rome. The mark of the beast in Revelation will be over this very issue – the true day that God sanctified as His Sabbath. The Papal system also removed the 2nd commandment regarding graven images and divided the 10th commandment into two so there would still be 10. We are justified by faith in Jesus Christ, but once justified, we will want to honor God out of love and keep His commandments. Revelation says that the saved will follow the commandments that Jesus wrote and kept himself, and have the faith OF Jesus. Sin is transgression of the law. Should we be saved and continue sinning or breaking the law of our Lord? Did Jesus die to save us in our sins or FROM sinning? If we don't keep His laws once we are saved by grace, then how will we be fit to live in His Kingdom which has these laws as its foundation? If we don't keep Jesus' laws, we would be lawless or law breakers, just as Satan was and is. Satan rebelled against God's laws. He wanted total freedom from any laws and felt the laws curtailed his individual freedom. Well, the history of what has happened in this earthly realm has proven to all of God's other created beings just what happens when the Lord's laws are set aside and not obeyed. His laws are for everyone's happiness and health (especially mental health). Satan's twisted thinking made him the first psychopath (totally sick in the head).

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