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13 Replies to “What Does “Let’s Take Things Slow” in a Relationship Mean?”

  1. I feel what you said.. dealing with this guy and he's asking for us to take it slow. and Indeed I was pushing the relationship cause we had both liked each other for a long time.. and yes something did happen that now I think he's checking out mentally he said we can try and fix it but let's just take it slow.. my question to you is how do I take it slow, what type of conversation should we have, what should we do? idk how to deal with this since I have not been in a relationship for a while and most guys they had liked me but the is like we both feel the same way #helpme🙏🙏

  2. After a year i had enough of takeing things slow did nothing but talk and discuss how a relationship should be for a year. Decided im not going to do another year takeing things slow, its just another excuse for them to put you on the back burner while i gave it a hundred percent and for wat!!!!! lesson learnt wnt be giveing any of my time unless they invest ther time in me never again.Feeling betrayed hurt an the pain is unbearable. Wat do you think about the 90day rule probation steve harvey

  3. Hi there,

    My boyfriend and I broke up. We previously dated for about a year and a half. After going no contact for 3 mouths he contacted me. We meet up and caught up. Feeling started to reignite. He wants to start new and be friends first. In other words, taking things slow. I agree with this and am in no rush getting committed to him. Aside from this fact we both made it clear we would work on fostering a new, fresh relationship with one another. I became concerned when he stated that it's ok for me to see other people. This is alarming to me. Am I'm now confused with his intent. And need clarification. When I confront him his reponse is "let's take it slow." No clear answer to my question. I need some Help.

  4. I started talking to this foreign exchange student and she is from Russia. I really like because she is so nice and down to earth, and she told me that she doesn't want a relationship rn because she doesn't understand the dating culture here in America because she seen couples in America flirt with other people and she doesn't like that. But then she also told me that I'm a really nice guy and wants to take things slow. I'm also facing friends who are trying to get with her sister for sex and I don't want her to misunderstand me that all I just want is sex because in reality I want a relationship with her, wat she wants me to do is earn her trust. Idk how to do that if my friends are causing awkward moments and idk wat could happen in the path of a slow build up. I just don't want her to look at me in a bad way

  5. Hi, I've been dating a guy for 8 months and it started off very serious. We talked about getting married soon but as the date gets closer he now all of a sudden tells me we should slow down. But he has gone from texting everyday (he was so in love a few weeks ago) and now he barely text me, he is dry with me and he barely says I love you anymore. I ask him why the sudden change and he says he isn't going anywhere and that his feelings haven't changed but that he just wants to move slow. But I feel like he has completely shut down. I'm so confused I don't know what to do.

  6. +DatingLogic Hi my name Jeremy. I've been talking to this girl for about two months and things started off great but started to turn bad because of my in securities from a previous relationship I started shit to keep her distant but now that I'm trying to work things out and open about my past it kinda feels like I'm too late and she said we should take our time let things happen and she appreciates the changed I've made i still feel like she is interested in another guy. What should I do?

  7. Hello, me and my girl broke up at first because her and i were at different speeds. She wanted more freedom and i wanted to be with her.

    A few weeks ago we recently hooked up again and decided to take it slow. She promised to focus on me and give me her all. We went out a couple times and it felt like we were picking up speed.

    But on the day before my birthday i caught her on Instagram getting very flirty with another guy. Saying that he's "very handsome 😉" and telling him that she doesn't have a boyfriend. It stops a t a point when he asked to message her privately. The next morning however, she deleted the comments that were posted.

    I confronted her about talking to other guys. She said she doesn't talk to them on "that level" but i sent her a screen shot of her conversation with that guy. And began questioning her actual motives. She kept avoiding the question trying to sweep it under the rug. Saying "Its nothing, he had a question, i answered it." But clearly its none of his business. I pressed on and asked her "why did she delete her comments if it wasn't on that level?" Her response, "Kus I felt like deleting them.

    I told her I'd text her back because i was at work. She replied and said that she's changing her phone # which should have been done a before our relationship. I eventually got the truth from her and her version of taking it slow was without commitment. She wanted to take it slow and date other guys. But clearly i was a rebound. I've known her for almost 2 years and found it hard to believe she was capable of doing that to someone. But we cut all ties completely.

    So does taking it all slow mean being loyal? And what if there are promises foing into this agreement? Please answer (sorry for the long story)

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