You hear people talk about a New World Order frequently, but what does it actually mean? This lesson should help you understand a little better so you can explain it to others.

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21 Replies to “What Does the Phrase “New World Order” Actually Mean?”

  1. i really love your videos very informative but heres soething that i have to say. I dont think globalism and the nwo go hand and hand just because what you refer to globalism is bad doesnt mean nationalism is good. i Guess if you use it to refer to anyoine involved in wanting to create a one world goverment than yes but trying to connect society and create a ore global cultural and economy is a very good thing there can be challenges obvisouly but its like road work yeah it sucks but its gotta be done or itll be worse.The thing is technology is allowing us to decentrlize society and put power in the hands of the people. If it wasnt for technology and globalization uch of the inforation you share woudnt even be avaliable and if it was your ability to reach an audionce woudnt be nearly the same.The future is moving towards a decentralised post-capatalist nationlise global society not a one world goverment. there will be no one world goverent or religon only in the sense of the lack of structured centralised religon and the central nation ststaes could you say it was one world goverent. Things are changing you are an exaple of how news is changing. The internet is allowing anyone to acess or publish inforation to and fro the whole world free opencourseware education is beoming free and personal the ability to communicate and share ideas is like never before. things like record companies are dying why do you need these companies when i can put my music or art online and target more people for free. things like cryptocurrency will eleminate the need for central fractal banking. Democracy does not work in nation states i mean the word democracy itself means town goverment.humans are not city dwellers but tribal beings. we need to defeat the zionist and coorparate elite and than eleminate the nation ststaes leave our cities and move into small 150-300 directly democraticlay ran100% susstainable independent communities no politicians the community is ran like an opensource software program no factories you want something print it on the community 3d printer no need for factories. everyone growing there own food living green and healthy with a tight nit participary community. If you dont like the community go to one of the many others throughout the whole world. you will network and connect with humans all around the world maybe go to college in the mostly young urban smart cities where you meet your wife and you find like minded people to either jpoin or start a community to raise your family in

  2. Jake, I lived in Israel for a little bit. I was a fan of Bibi, and gave up all I ever had for Israel and ministry that supported it. I saw with my own two eyes and heard with my ears many things that did not sit well with my heart, while I was in Israel. I reached out to hero’s like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Barlet. I listened to many people on both sides. I used to be a die hard Zionist. Jake, you are one of many people that has opened my eyes to truth. I thank you sir and respect you very much, and we will put our voices out there too, so people can open their eyes, I love Jewish people. I am one of them, and I guess I can say, for the love of fellow Jews, for the love of the land of biblical Israel, and for the love of USA – we need to speak truth because Israel and USA is hijacked by false cabal by NWO cabal. I am not a self hating Jew, but I do hate the politics of Israel and political Zionism, please look up a group of former IDF called “ breaking the silence” – they also speak truth for the love of their country, they expose the cabal there. There are Jews that love Truth Jake. I am one of them. So is my husband. Bibi claims he represents us, and I tell you, no he does not. Bibi is antisemite, true antisemite,.
    Thank you Jake, hat off.

  3. Over here in the UK we are being invaded by Islam with the help of our own government/the NWO. It is going to boil over and we will have another civil war. When this happens it is going to be for the very survival of British culture and our own identities.

  4. It is time the people of any nation understand that their so-called president, dictators and any other titles have in effect very little power at their disposal. It is a fallacy to call the president of the United States the most powerful man in the world, could be a woman for that matter. They are not, never were and never will be. Political power is a collective, the president is only a symbolic representation of power. All presidents are quickly instructed in various ways what they have to follow, which is always in the interests of high ranking military persons, bankers, corporations through their lobbyists, etc. Even exceptional leaders like Hitler for example, having succeeded imposing his personal views and beliefs couldn’t survive the collective and finally destroyed the very country he was supposed to lead to success. Some presidents like the one in the USA today is even easier to control regardless of his capricious and infantile behaviour, it is the people around the White House and the pentagon who have the power of decisions, he follows stupidly their suggestions. A true leader is a true representative of the people itself, to be so he has to have strong links with its people, Allende was one and this was intolerable to the military and the interests of corporate America, so he was not only killed but his entire government destroyed, we are back in 1973 which this story. So, until we understand that we need a totally different system of decision making, not through a president and his cabinet, but through accountable people who truly come from the masses and where no money is involved through an election process to select representatives, a total decentralisation of executive power, making the banking system fully under control of government, until then, we can call ourselves fools and will always be deceived and therefore suffer inequities, abuses,violence, exploitation and the like. We don’t need president, period.

  5. The UN self-statedly intends for Jewish Noahide Laws to be made law in every nation in the world, necessarily under Jewish world government, as the Noahide Laws cannot by physically effected throughout the world otherwise, and under those laws the physical execution of all followers of so-called 'idolatrous' religions will be enforced by subjugated military forces of NATO nations and any other treaty member nations affected by Jewish domination, including of course the black-ops forces like ISIS et al, who will lead the way with psy-ops attacks just as they do already today in many countries. There are about 6 BILLION members of such 'idolatrous' religions. Just the sort of number of deaths that a deliberately planned nuclear world war could cause, with the very weapons that the Jews alone have caused to come into existence for that very purpose, since Jewish inventors alone conceived of, designed and patented, then constructed the first atom bomb, nuclear bomb and neutron bomb. They are responsible also for the fourth generation WMD nuclear weapon, Depleted Uranium.

    In Libya, Al Qaeda fought alongside NATO terrorist troops against Gadhaffi's Libyan loyalist troops even as the sheeple were being told that Al Qaeda is actually their enemy. If only they knew the truth, that ISIS, Al Qaeda et al actually work for NATO, for the Tribe.

  6. I'm with you all the way brother. I know that by watching you I have ended up on someone's list but it's getting to the point where you have to nail your colours to the mast If not it's going to be one scary place to live in

  7. Just a quick heads up for those who are not sure,,….this guy pulls of some pretty slick disinformation!….I’d be carful with the brand red pills he’s offering, they’re spiked with half truths and subtle twists. Trump is not pro NWO nor a globalists puppet, …great try though!!

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