Many well-known, prestigious universities in the United States were established by the Jesuit order of Catholic priests. Georgetown, Marquette, Boston College, Creighton, Fordham, Fairfield, and many others are part of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. But what is a Jesuit education? Do you have to be a Catholic to attend? Can Jews or Muslims or Buddhists feel comfortable on Jesuit campus? Mark interviews the assistant dean of admissions at Marquette University to better understand what a Jesuit Education is all about.


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  1. Kate,
    your are safe. You are a cute girl.
    Jesuits like Father Roy Drake like boy ass. And the cannonball story is BS
    The Jesuits go WAAAY BACK
    Sick perverts
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    Give Father McShane a hug. he just had a big break up with his 'pal' who is now in CT

  2. Kate
    how much did they pay you to cover for the fact that the Jesuits are sick perverts
    I was strangled and raped by NY Jesuit Roy Drake (google it) Father McShane knows him quite well
    and has had to pay out about a half a million for sodomizing a kid. Now they say "we are soooo sorry" in private to me
    and then attack my family and friends in false interviews.
    The shit hits the fan next week as my demonstrations ramp up fully funded by friends who are sick of watching me destroy my own health.
    The only time I'm at peace is when I'm standing outside Fordham glaring at the pedophiles driving in and out.
    strangled and raped by a Jesuit from Fordham

  3. the jesuits hate the bible, i don't think thAT they even believe in God at all, they hate america and the protestanT reformation, they are a military orgainization not a religious order, they teach lies, "give us your children and the next generation will be ours" thats their maxim, they infiltrated the US GOVERNMENT AND NOW THEY WANT TO DESTROY THE WORD OF GOD AND DESTROY THE JEWS TO BUILD THE THIRD TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM FOR THE pope(antichrist)

  4. It sounds good and commendable . . . BUT, we must remember the main reason of the existence of the Jesuit order. The main goal and aim of the Jesuit order is to counter the work of the Reformation, which is the establishment of Protestantism. It can be done in sundry ways and in all walks of life. I higly recommend the reading of The Secret Terrorists by Bill Hughes. It's an eye-opening book. The best way to destroy proestantism is by destroying the United States of America. Open your eyes.

  5. I go to a Jesuit school (in Ireland admittedly), and I don't even practice the religion. You have to have been confirmed, but their ethos is growing your religious faith yourself. My English teacher is a jesuit priest, he says there's "51/49% chance God exists", and compared Christianity to Communism (i.e, both haven't worked in practice) Jesuit ethos isn't about forcing the Bible into you, just being a good person in everyday life, being a man for others and serving where the need is greatest.

  6. "EDUCATION must be controlled by Catholic Authorities, and under education the opinions of the individual and the utterances of the press are included, and many opinions are to be forbidden by the secular arm, under the authority of the Church, even to war and bloodshed." (Father Hecker, Catholic World, July 1870.)

  7. Jesuit aim:
    Jesuitism inspired its followers with a fanaticism that enabled them to endure like dangers, and to oppose to the power of truth all the weapons of deception.
    There was no crime too great for them to commit, no deception too base for them to practice, no disguise too difficult for them to assume. Vowed to perpetual poverty and humility, it is their studied AIM to secure wealth and power, to be devoted to the overthrow of Protestantism, and the reestablishment of the papal supremacy.

  8. @jakethesnakerobertz1 "i am not hardly Ignorant"

    so you're not *hardly* ignorant. does that mean you are *very* ignorant? or just *medium* ignorant?

    (those double negatives… always getting in the way of a good baseless conspiracy!)

  9. The Jesuits do not tell you what to think, but they will try to influence your world view. All Jesuits are committed to seeing the world through the eyes of Jesus. A Jesuit education professes its exploration of life and studies from a Catholic perspective without excluding other viewpoints. Kate describes the Jesuits as a group of men who endorse exploration on one's own and making decisions for oneself; a Jesuit teaches students never to do this but to see the world through others' eyes.

  10. Proud to be a Jesuit !!! went to jesuit schools and studied hard all my life and work hard always and like to help others on a daily basis…not some protestant, biased and prejudiced, close-minded lazy ass who blames the catholic church for everything…the true enemy is Islam…educate yourselves !!!!

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