What is so wrong about Pope Francis being a Jesuit?

Find out the truth about the Papacy, the Jesuits, and this Jesuit Pope. In this video I present to you the oath that was taken by this deceitful Pope Francis. If you do not know of the oath that Jesuits take you MUST SEE this video.

Urgent! We need judgement in the churches now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7iTMa-OwVo


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  1. You must remember that it is mentioned in Daniel what would happen in the kingdom. One would think to change times and laws, and it was given unto them to do so.

    Now, with my occult knowledge, it is a simple process. Just invert the commandments of God. I tried to show my psychologist how she is living in sin and deceived by the Papacy. I told her that Jesus called Peter Satan because Peter had not the concerns of God but those that be of man. I told her how the Papacy changed the Sabbath to Sunday. Who would she chose to follow then? She thinks God is who she follows.

    I told her that the Papacy claims the change of the Sabbath to be "A mark of her ecclesiastical authority." However, my Psychologist claims to be a Christian but has no understanding of what she worships. If I told you to worship Mickey Mouse, would you? Well, in the Mickey Mouse song it says that he is the leader of them all! Why not worship Mickey? She laughs at me so I tell her to kill her children and her family and friends. She looks at me oddly. I tell her, "What, is that sin?" She replies that it is.

    The people are not allowed to see how they transgress the laws. Mostly it begins with rule #1 and let God be true and all man be a liar. But they will follow a blind man right into the alligator pit… It was given unto them to do so. God says that He will give them up to believe in a lie because they loved not the truth. That's because they love unrighteousness.

  2. Woooooooooow !!! That's extremely disturbing ! They make the Illuminati sound like child's play. I'm freaking speechless ! Dark Dark Dark Demonic stuff right there ! That is all Satan ! Nothing to do with God ! Unbelievable ! Thank you for this eye-opening lesson. Man oh man are they playing on the wrong team. God bless you for all you do my friend ! Extremely powerful video/message !

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