What’s the difference between Jesuit priest and a regular priest?

Ask Iggy Episode 1: How are Jesuits different from regular priests? The Jesuit Post team asks St. Ignatius “Iggy” questions from our readers. Send us your questions via twitter or email. Iggy loves to get mail!


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  1. Jesuits today are sadly synonymous of heterodoxy..
    They are famously known as proud people, very involved in many different activities but not so much involved in devotions and prayer!
    They are not as obedient to God as they are to their superiors.
    Saint Ignatius (who was a great saint!) would not be so proud of the shape of his Order today.. let us pray for the Jesuits

  2. Ok I have a question….you said the difference between a Jesuit & a diocesan priest is that a Jesuit can be sent to anywhere, but what if you are sent by the your superior or more so by the Pope to run a diocese, you sure don't lose your being a Jesuit because of that, right? Just like Pope Francis, he served as a diocessan priest, bishop, cardinal & now Pope didn't he? Agustinians, Franciscans & Domincans too can be diocesan priests too right or …not really?

  3. God called me to the priesthood years ago and now, as I finish my undergraduate Bible degree, I would like to know a little bit about the Jesuits and their history for a better understanding of the holy priesthood.  I need to decide whether to be a diocesan priest or a Jesuit priest sooner than later.  Any official help?  Thanks!  Blessings.

  4. Question I always thought ALL priests whatever there calling which ever order they choose they all take a vow of chastity, poverty and obedience Isn't a promise the same as a vow to live a religious life of poverty, chastity and obedience? And no priest is allowed to own anything of value.

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