To the shill maggots still attached to this channel, just kill yourselves already. Do the world a favor for once.

Heroes get silenced and destroyed in this world, and science is being banned from the internet because of powerful evil men, who seek global genocide and absolute slavery over all.


19 Replies to “When horrific criminals stage “media events” to literally destroy your rights”

  1. I was gutted when yt took these vids down. I used to watch them all the time. Luckily i downloaded them on my hard drive. Such great investigative work done on these Peekay. And good on you LotJO for reuploading these. People need to know the truth!!

  2. This is the biggest hoax since the moon landings! If you want a joke and a hoax, the moon landings take the cake. Man has never been on the moon! And the world believes we have. Look at the word "believe". You can't spell the word without the word "lie" in the middle.

  3. You can still buy pressure cookers without license! Hahahhahahaha! These puppet space monkeys are called false flag crowd actors. You actually see ads on newspapers for hiring . I remember seeing a bunch of them with signs with the media at LAX prostesting Trump iimigration policies. They would take coffee brakes and bullshit around until a large group of travelers would come out of the international gate. It was all staged probably financed by that Nazi sympathizer Soros!

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