When you realise Rothschild is your boss and you wanna quit.

That moment you realise you’re not serving your country but instead serving a powerful elite banking family who uses you as cannon fodder to steal wealth off other nations.


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  1. this is what all military men need to do, they are working for the elites not peoples freedoms, Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.
    (((Henry Kissinger))) and what you may be fighting for one day' youre inviting in the next, so really people are used like puppets and die in vain, and many refuse to see it, they tested lsd on the military without them knowing(which is the worst thing you can do,drugs will always have a much worse effect if you dont know) it proves they treat them as guini pigs.

  2. This morning on Alan Jones, 25/05/18, Julie Bishop spouted the claim that Assad is a Russian backed bad guy, and as usual, called his elected government a regime.
    Servile and corrupt politicians will kill for the Pharisees every time without a thought, aided by their complicit broadcasters.
    2GB is just controlled opposition.

  3. So basically this faggot is a murderer and now he feels bad about it? He should make a video apologising to the families of the people he murdered and then blow his own head off at the end. Either that or go out in a blaze of glory attempting to kill those politicians that sent him there. Faggot's got no balls.

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