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. Thanks for watching guys! If you find my videos helpful, please consider using my amazon affiliate code to do your shopping! This is what helps me create better videos and do more giveaways for all of you!
. Video played at the Heroes event.

Where ever there is Evil there are Heroes!
This is what films and comics make us beleive.

There is much evil in this world, where are the real Heroes for this world?

This is a short trailer answering this question from an Islamic perspective.

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Editing and special effects: Br Israr.

Direction: Br Saqib and myself.

Edited on Sony Vegas studio & Adobe.

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32 Replies to “Where are the “MUSLIM” Heroes ?”

  1. Hassan Nasrallah is a Muslim hero. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Muslim hero. Bashar Al Assad is a Muslim hero. Ayatollah Khomeini was a Muslim hero.

    This video is mostly showing Wahhabi Jewish Zionists. DAESH, the "Free Syrian Army", Al Nusra, and all of their supporters are Zionist Jews.

    In 2006, Hezbollah (heroic Muslims) defeated Israel in a major battle. Israel then became afraid, and the MOSSAD and CIA created some terrorist group called the "Free Syrian Army" to win media support. This then evolved into Al Nusra, ISIS, etc etc.

    How many Israelis has DAESH killed? ZERO. How many attacks have DAESH made on Israel? ZERO.

    How many Shi'ites and Christians have DAESH killed? Now, millions.

    If you support ISIS, you're a fucking Jew.

    I am from the Middle East, Assyrian, and that is my blood and ancestral land for thousands of years. We don't want Zionists or fucking Wahhabi Salafists or Western nations on our lands. Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, ISIS, Al Nusra, Free Syrian Army, NATO, etc etc – FUCK OFF. All of these whore institutions I have listed are nothing more than scumbags, infected with Jewish plague.

    Wahhabis, Salafists, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Christian Zionists, and the banking scum of the Jew.S.A. – go and find a nice island for yourselves. You can live together there, in harmony, in the mentally defective waste that you promote as culture. Stay there forever, the world will support you – we will be happy to take you out of the gene pool.

    There is a political party in the Middle East called the SSNP, formed by Antoun Sa'adeh in the 1930s – it has Sunnis, Shi'ites, Christians, etc etc etc. A real nationalist party where the aim is:

    1. a peaceful Greater Syrian society with cultural and religious tolerance
    2. long term stability
    3. the elimination of Israel from the map, and removing all Zionist outposts from the Middle East
    4. elimination of the Saudi royal family, and removing Western puppets from Middle Eastern rule

    This party invites all native Syrians (Greater Syria – Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait) who are willing to devote themselves to a prosperous NATION where religious and ethnic groups can all triumph and build a better future.

    The SSNP have consistently fought against Israel, and supported all other anti-Zionist parties. They helped Hezbollah to fight ISIS (ISIS = Israel Special Intelligence Service), and are fighting strong.

    There are no Sunni Muslims in ISIS – Salafists and Wahhabis are all Jewish.

    If you are Syrian/Lebanese.Palestinian/Iraqi and also Sunni, be strong, and go and support a group like the SSNP. If you want a better future for your children, a future where they will live as brothers with the other ethnic groups of the Middle East, support the SSNP.

    There are already many Sunni martyrs and heroes in the SSNP – truly amazing men and women. Do yourselves a favour – go and read up about the group. There you will find some real Muslim heroes.

    A man who fights for the interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel (DAESH) is a piece of shit. He will live and die as a piece of shit, with Wahhabi Jewish beliefs.

    A man who fights for the interests of ALL the ethnic groups and religious groups of his nation will live and die as a hero, and his children will be like brothers and sisters with the other children of his nation. They will grow older, keeping their unique cultures, but always defending eachother against foreign invasions.

    If you are Middle Eastern Sunni, go out and support your Shi'ite and Christian brothers against the Jewnited States of Saudi Israelia (ISIS). Don't be tricked by Salafist Jews (ISIS) – they are protectors of Israel and the USA's oil companies.

  2. This video is ok but ISLAM is not a religion of slogan and flags we don't need to be screaming and shouting and holding flags to show Islam.we don't need to shout for Allah to hear us all we need to do is make a sujood and whisper and Allah will hear us loud and clear …we don't need to shout that we Muslims we need to show it by following the prophet Mohammed SAW exact footstep that's all we need

  3. On an even playing field the moslems will destroy the evil west because moslems are closer to God than the christians,The moslems are the real heroes with brave hearts.The evil west will only fight with technology because as a Christian I believe we are materialistic and are afraid of Death,now that I'm old enough and have opened my eyes on who the the real Devils are which is Mainly America and Israel,I will become a moslem!!
    I truly believe islam will rule the world again just like the Brave heroes of the MIGHTY OTTOMAN EMPIRE!!
    Peace to all the genuine righteous Humans in the world,Regardless of their Religions or Race,MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU ALL..

  4. Some of you people has raised with porno mentality so you are unable to grasp why Muslim separate women.and you got filthy mind…if you really after the truth Read the Quran and Bible and compare it.keep in mind you will be grave one day not body will be with it's just gonna be you in the little hole and very tiny attention don't worry about what other people say or might will be in the grave soon or later.not matter what's your education or financial level is.we all will die and some will dig the hole more deeper then the one cat dig to hide their poo in it.wake before it's to late..

  5. to people who converted…they tell when u die u go to hell b'cause ur not in their relligion…if ur not muslim,christian,hindu and ect….for me the biggest sin breaking ur mom and dad heart and betray their teaching for something other's teach…do u feel peace by doing that…ask ur soul deeply by neautral thinking…for something that nobody sure even exsist…bottom line nobody knows the truth..just a belive..u will now when life is over…until then wait..for the answer…

  6. Its has absolutly nothing to do with religion!!!!
    Its greed from all sides!!!!!!!
    And there were never heroes only story in which many had their role. God is our spectator and we are his acters and actresses. All muslims i know have a really bad manner and bad character, and salkahudin was a kurd he talked thought and behaved like a kurd not like a muslim or arab!!!

  7. So I saw a few comments abou the Quran and that people believe it says to kill Christians and Jews, but these people are most likely LOOKING for reasons to HATE on Muslims. Also words may be lost misinterpreted or have different meaning in English. I am not Muslim but I respect their religion and ways and am thinking of converting to become Islamic.

  8. Thanks Allah, we don't have Heros like, Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini Nepolien and complete list which I can not write here, killing billion human, not a single Muslim here like these western Butcher. Thank Allah Muslims never slaughter nations like British did in Australia, America, Spanish did in south America Russian did in Siberia Yakut etc just for land.

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