White men who openly support Colin Kaepernick & refuse to sing the Star Spangled Banner


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  1. I even seen a white evangelical preacher cut up his Nike socks in his church and his congregation cheered. But white people that's supporting Kaepernick won't get no coverage in the mainstream media because their complicit with the divide that's being pushed in this country…

  2. It also is a very compelling observation also regarding the mindset of these people and how significant they think they are. I resided abroad and have traveled. I resided in a country with over 1 billion people. Nike is international. INTERNATIONAL.

    Furthermore, many of these songs and other things that are coveted by those people who came to the Americas and stole the land do not belong to us; they are not apart of us.

    People in this United States (which is not a country) really should start studying history. I truly commend Colin. As a child I was raised not to pledge to the flag or stand for any of their celebrations, including their holidays. They are celebrating ALL THE TIME, the massacring of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and those of other countries or continents.

    Nike is a business and regardless of why they are supporting Colin I think it is a win/win for both contractual parties. Colin remains relevant and Nike continues to profit from its product. This is the first time, I think during my existence that a major brand that is not owned by someone who looks like us, has actually supported someone who looks like us and gone against the mainstream.

    In fact, there are so many other brand owners/creators out there that have been accused nd some have admitted that they did not and have not designed their products (clothes/shoes, et cetera) for people who look like us.

    For once, there is a major named brand that is not defaming or discriminating or showing their racists views against us; for once there is a major named brand that per se appears to be supporting someone who looks like us.

    This is a great marketing and historical move, although I am curious as to what the CEO of Nike and the decision makers truly are thinking. Historically, racists have not given any care to any loss of profits for their deeply seeded hatred for people who look like us or for people who do not look like them.

    I guess regarding this situation, only time will tell, but right now, I will continue to watch as many others are.

    Shalom Family.

  3. LOL "land of the fee and home of the slave"! That's what I've always sang. America was, is, and always will be a racially driven corporate Enterprise. Unless you're white you're just a disposable commodity. The only people who love that song are either ignorant or who are on the good end of the death, suffering, and oppression this country has propagated.

  4. Thank you for your candid response and cover of issues. I enjoy you and your husband Biblical perspective on social issues.

    When we stand as a people and cry out on the same accord but also realizing that it’s not a race for them but a deep deep seeded hate for us a people. But, review the article and see how although they hate their is a coward ness that people also have that say they hate us

  5. The fact is these racist folks are not if sound mind,they have an allegiance to ignorance.
    They want us to celebrate our death which is lots of them are major components to keeping negative messages in hip-hop.
    THIS PEOPLE want to uplift their ancestors in all of their debauchery while you celebrate your ancestors demise.JUST SICK TO THE CORE.
    Do in

  6. I remember when I was on the track team…. one of our events the national anthem was sung…. and at that moment I turned my back on the flag. I remember looking at the people as the national anthem was going on, and it looked like everyone was in some type of trance … idk but it was weird. They always had this saying that the non Americans who pledge to their flag it’s called brainwashing, so what is it called here in America? Is it the same thing?

  7. African Americans are idiots! They stole reality from you sambos and Uncle Toms, and you all want to debate shit. Caucasians documented everything they did to confuse negroes, steal from negroes, and keep negroes satanic! You actually have negroes that want a hierarchy based on capitalism! Capitalism is usury and exploitation! You let that sink in. All skin folk ain’t kin folk!

  8. I think Colin kapernick is a puppet. Colin himself stays SILENT , he doesn't talk about racism . Colin doesn't have a black family or a black woman by his side . They hire celebrities to promote an agenda , they are promoting martial law. They stir race news so martial law can be applied nationally. And zombies are buying NIKE'S which is a sweatshop , just because colin kapernick is promoting it

  9. Here we go again. Folks complaining about Kap here when they sit in their recliners and do nothing, nor have they sacrificed their occupation or anything else for the community. WHAT are ya’ll doing who are throwing stones at Kap? Nothing. That type of Isra-Elite will be judged accordingly.

  10. Yes, Kenner, LA the mayor was banning Nike products from their Booster Club. He don't want the Booster Club which is associated with the City to buy anything Nike. The parents can buy whatever product/brand they want for their kids who play sports for the City.

  11. Oh course they (whites) wouldn't want black people to say ANYTHING negative about their ancestors!! They don't even want some US cities to take down statues that represent some of these evil racists presidents or soldiers that they KNOW were racists & fought to uphold & continue slavery!! But yet they EXPECT us to uphold our ancestors & even our own demise in this day & era too.

  12. Now that kapernick has gotten a deal with Nike how is he going to use this contract to give back to the black community? It does not do any good to have a contract with Nike and yet the community is still in the same awful perdicument

  13. That 3rd paragraph in the Star Spangled Banner is not there because of the real meaning for the song. So we as Black if we have finally awakened up to the real meaning to this song, What is the real reason for all of this?

    Do we need to see some football player on their knee and Nike all involved? I say…Don't Sing The Song! You are getting all worked up over this, but you turn your head to some foul mouth rapper in a video that is degrading and disrespecting our black people in their songs…and what do you do…you sing along to the destruction of your people, loud and proud. But now you find the Star Spangled Banner offensive????

    Do you really think that a cop that hates the ground you walk on would care about what is in the Star Spangled Banner that is racists, or some football player is taking a knee or Nike is selling us more shoes, or would they care about some TV add for the cause???…therefore they won't shoot you??? So do you think he or she would stop and think about that before they shoot you in the head for nothing???

    Once again here we are like sheep waiting for the shepherds, like the white man who openly supports Colin Kaepernick, to help you to lead the way, to what you think are greener pastures.

    We are putting Colin Kaepernick on some pedestal and you have pictures of him out there showing him using the Baphomet/Mason hand signal! So who made him the poster child for our cause? Wake Up!

  14. This was nice to hear but I'm always looking for motives when people outside of our community all of a sudden want to join one of our very public struggles. And your right they are burning their Nike gear but not the kind black and brown people buy.

    They burning that Nike stuff you buy at warehouses and outlets, not the 2 and 3 hundred dollar shoes and accessories like black and brown people buy. But like I have said before Nike is all about making that money. And this is target marketing at it's best.

    Watch Nike sales more then triple even with all the stumbling blocks they throw in front of those who like and support this brand. Great commentary sista Deboryah.

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