In this documentary “A Year with the Jesuits” filmmaker Dominic Hartley examines the work of the Jesuits from the jungles of Guyana to the townships of South Africa. He travels to St.Ignatius’ birth place in Spain and provides a potted history of the organisation.
Originally released in 2007, the film has even more relevance today with the recent election of Pope Frances, himself a Jesuit.

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19 Replies to “Who are the Jesuits? (A Year With the Jesuits)”

  1. The Jesuits are the military arm of the pope. That's why the head Jesuit (Back Pope) is referred to as the, 'Superior General.' Ignatius of Loyola had a hard-on about being a great military leader, until he was crippled in battle. Keep researching the Jesuits, and find out what some of the most famous men in history, such as George Washington, James Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and many, many more thought about them. It's not pretty. If these were/are such good guys, why did the pope feel the need to dissolve them in 1773? It was due to outcries from the people. Why were they, like the Jews, evicted from every country that they've ever infested? I'll give you a hint; it's not because of their decency and their ability to get along well with others.

  2. What an inspiring video. I feel honored to have attended a Jesuit university – at the heart of my education is being keenly aware of others and being of service to them as best I can.
    When your heart is full of love for God and Christ then you can't help but be a person for others in this world that gives us so many opportunities to help heal and to be a friend.
    Thank you.

  3. Strange how you do not mention Georgetown University working on Patrick's Flannigan Neurophone device to beam voices electronically to people – beginning the Jesuit research into mind control, The Jesuits are the enemy of freedom, we know this just be a mere glimpse of human history we call the dark ages. A study of the Holy Quran shows us Jesus did not die on the cross, and to this day Rome worships Judas and his bloodline. See Surah 4 and the gospel of Barnabus.

  4. how can anyone believe a word that a Jesuit says after the oath says they will do anything to get their way including lying to people and the end goal is the same as islam total domination and death to all in there way

  5. A year with Jesuits?? I had one night with a Fordham New York Jesuit and was raped and strangled
    and now these pricks and their whore lawyers are working overtime using YOUR dues to fight me. They will lose.
    They fucked the wrong child and now that I'm grown I'm back with a vengence.
    Neal Gumpel
    Victim of Father Roy Drake New York Fordham Jesuit

  6. I like how they are trying to love bomb us on this vid. It's funny. See right through your discretion. Praise be to Jesus. We will see you soon bow and hear you say that Jesus is the King of King And Lord of Lords!!!!To my Catholic brothers. Please read your bible. Study your Whore system. Protestants you also must know who controls you. Understand you are still tied to the Whore as well

  7. Their father is the devil. The joke is on you. We have a father that is so far above , He makes your evil to turn for our good. Keep playing your games. At the end of the game Jesus will say check mate….King me!!! Soon scum, very soon!!!

  8. Although i am very ignorant to the jesuists, and as a catholic in progress,i find it fascinating and just so on point of what i am called out to do, is very much so, in taking action out and about towards all areas of the world. Lord will only hold the last words, for anyone, and everyone. And we must let his mysteries re,ain in him, for we arenot God, and his works are something we cant grasp as human beings. But by faith, this brings peace of mind, to my journey as a catholic. God bless you all for you all are.Gods.children. And may our mother Mary protect and pray for us all.

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