I was deeply disturbed when I read what the Jesuits believe and what they do to others, who dont believe as they do, is even worse In this video, I read as much .

– The Jesuits: Who are they exactly? This Society of Jesus would be more aptly named the Society of Satan. Why is pope .


Fuel Project – Know the Truth Series – Jesuit Order Part 33 – The Jesuits 0:00 Part 34 – The Spiritual Exercises 7:20 Part 35 – The Jesuit Oath 13:34 Part 36 .


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  1. the so called "spiritual" execises of Loyola, are nothing but a style of military indoctrination. He was a crazed soldier and these exercises were nothing but a system to find people as corrupt (and stupid!) as himself. Nothing to do with religion.! The protestant reformation caused a massive loss of revenue, MONEY, coming into Roman bank accounts. This was the reason the Jesuits were formed, to bring back an income that vatican saw as its divine privelege. So they went to war with half of the world to keep the Vaticans coffers full, and this is the One Supreme goal of this fake church. Funny how their are so many catholic military training colleges in America.These are based on Loyola's exercises, so we see their true purpose. It is not true Religion.Yes they are trained killers! CIA was formed by loyal Catholics with their jesuit confessors. Great video, death to the Bible Bashers! (allegorically speaking , of course)

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