Chemtrails controlled by Jesuits & Knights of Malta ! Proof in video !
(Note! :Its now Winter in Holland , many contrails will remain a lot longer in the sky ! Don’t get confused , Chemtails will NOT disappear within 3 hours in Summer we could see this much better !)
I sincerely Hope that our Queen Beatrix is being fooled by Rome…….that would leave a great opportunity to work with………..but i guess i’m hoping for something that doesn’t exists……too bad , i would love a honest approach.
Proof Bilderberg members like Queen Beatrix are working with Queen Elizabeth II and are all Knights of Malta and Jesuits.
NWO is controlled from Europe and is prepared for centuries.
They control , UN , NATO ,Monsanto , Olgacom , Royal DSM , KLM , USA and Chinese Companies and much more.

The Olgacom Scandal 2011


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  1. Yes, Catholic groups somehow managing to control things in a country that they have no power over and have had none since Dutch Independence. Are you totally insane or just partly? The toothless Catholic Church has no power; it is temporal power that is what people should be concerned with, but of course, they would rather blame their problems on a distant institution than own their own sorry ass leaders.

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