1. You should be mistaken, the fundamental purpose on Roman Catholic Church is union through love and respect, that is their ultimate goal. Inside the logistic of the church, yes! there are differences, there is a hierarchical order, as if we were talking about any government form on earth, why?, because Church is imperfect since there is founded on mankind, it's Dogma (singular statements in the purpouse of improve natural qualities of man) and God are not.

  2. Jesuit scientists of the pontifical academy of science are behind the octopus of the NWO = Zeitgeist = agenda 21 = big idea = pure communism dictatorship
    They are putting pressure on the autocratic system by slowly increasing the level of fascism. They offer you two solutions; the Zeitgeist or WWIII
    This is total reboot of Earth's population, a massive eugenic manouver.
    Transcendental empiricism or atheism for the masses is the new age religion

  3. Im in the church but not part of the Vatican, in church history we went against the false teachings and rules they try to enforce on people. They hate those of us who call ourselves Christian and does not follow their order. I WISH THEY STOP ASSOCIATING THE POPE AND HIS FOLLOWERS WITH THE ENTIRE CHURCH BECAUSE WE ARE ALL NOT IN THE SAME!!!!

  4. some videos put up script and expect you to be evelyn woods, zipping through, this one on the other hand, keeps the print up too long, like for a 3rd grader..but i guess i prefer that if i have to time one over the other, aldrich was a cocksucker like rock/morgan and the rest of them may they burn in hell. til damnation breaks

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