1. Please correct these horrible mistakes that take away from your credibility.
    would of is would have or would've
    Bohemian Groove is Bohemian Grove
    Creamation is Cremation
    There are more but I am not your editor… proof the entire works, please!

  2. Dumb music. Why does everyone think you gotta play such 'dominating' [in their mind 'cool'] background music. Sadly most don't get the fact that "The Medium is the Massage" – Marshall McLuen; especially with subjects as serious as this. Leave the orignial voices during interviews and play 'white noise' if you must.
    Otherwise, it's historically correct… shame about the 'quality' of the editing.

  3. 666 = IHS, how so? Rev 13:18 "Here is wisdom, let he who has understanding count the number of the beast (kingdom), for it is (also) the number of a man and his number is 666." As 'Vicar of the Family of God' the Pope's job description as 'Vicarious Filii Dei' "adds up" to 666 using Roman numerals, also Dux Cleri the same; In Greek LATEINOS means Latin Man or Latin Church: 30; A 1; T 300; E 5; I 10; N 50; O 10; S 200; ROMIITH in Hebrew means Roman Kingdom: R 200; O 6; M 40; I 10; I 10; TH 400.

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