1. all christions know the answer to this ! do you not pray for ( thie kindom come ) this is satans rehlm. it serves no one to spread fear but satan. rumors & suspect of rumors are sinful . they only support the false truth. could you not seek the truth in the teachings & proclaim you,re faith. be living proof satan doesnt control you. and others will seek it too. may i suggest you pray & ask the lord to give you true wisdom ! he knows whos doing his works & leading his churchs. peace to you

  2. Satan roams this earth seeking whom he may devour,but as a Believer in Christ Jesus i am in this world but not of this World,but i do have Victory. be not worryed about your life,for God knows you have needs,but seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

  3. NOW that they can clone human spiece,that are let us fuck ouwerselfs…we are the ones that will do the job by killing owerselfs.
    when they stoped the demand of food,money,medical care…this will be enuff to put us to fight eachothers

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