1. The Federal Reserve, which is raping the US economy is run by jews. AIPAC, which dictates our foreign policy, is run by jews. The news and entertainment media which shapes public opinion and poisons the mind of Americans is owned and run by jews. This is evidence that I can see and feel and touch. Can you name me some confirmed illuminati members?

  2. Exactly, there is zero 'official' evidence, which means that makes their existence 'possible'. Facts are all around you and are a proof. So,I would suggest you to not suggest that they had not been in existence since then 🙂 Fact is that the world is under control by some people, call them as you want if the name 'illuminati' doesn't suit for you. There are a bunch of groups that run the world, don't try to take facts out the way cause of a name and what not.

  3. The "illuminati" has not been in existence since 1786. There is zero evidence to suggest that it ever lasted beyond that date. Furthermore, the illuminati was a jewish creation. Weishaupt was a jew and he was backed by jews every step of the way.

  4. Im going to try to clear this up for people in the most simple terms possible. I shouldnt have to if youve studied the Bible and ancient history at all, but I will since people are this dumb. The Bible is a jewish book written for jews, by jews with a jewish agenda. The Old Testament is one long jewish supremacist manifesto filled with mass murdering lunatics like Moses and the fire breathing dragon known as "yahweh" or "God" who commanded the murder of babies and young maidens.

  5. The jew god commands the jews to steal land from their gentile neighbors and kill everything that breathes. He tells them that all the other nations of the world will lick the dust from Israels feet. That anywhere the soles of a jews feet touch will be theirs. He tells them that its ok to charge interest to gentiles but not fellow jews. He tells them its ok to take gentiles as slaves but not jews. I could go on and on. You get the picture. Old Testmant-Mein Kampf for Jews.

  6. Now lets look at the New Testament. Its mind blowing that Christians dont find it odd that after all the Israel-first, Jew-first jewish supremacism in the Old Testament, the New Testmant teaches that "no, no. there is no more jew/gentile". "We're all children of Abraham". Christians dont find that the least bit fishy. You have to look at what was going on historically at the time. There were all these uprisings in and around Judea and finally in 70 AD the Romans had enough. They sacked Jerusalem

  7. Here is where it gets interesting. The New Testament canon was written AFTER the sacking of Jerusalem. Do you see whats going on here? The jews knew that they couldnt defeat Rome militarily because compared to the Roman, the jew is a physical coward. But the jews you see, they knew something the Romans didnt know. They knew the power of religion. They knew that religion could be used to debase and disconnect people from reality. They knew it could be used as an offensive or defensive weapon.

  8. So they created this new poisonous brew called Christianity and propagated it onto the might Romans. With its suicidal instructions like "turn the other cheek" and "resist not evil" and "love your enemies" it turned the once powerful strong willed Romans into commie sissies. Instead of dealing with problems in the here and now all they cared about was the afterlife and daydreaming about Jesus. The great 18th century historian Edward Gibbons agrees with me-Christianity brought down Rome.

  9. Not only were they teaching the Romans to lie down and not fight jewish subversion but there were actually deputizing the Romans. The book of Matthew teaches that when you become a Christian, you become a "spiritual child of Abraham" or a spiritual jew. The jews knew this was all bullshit but the poor Roman gentiles ate it right up. Now that the Jews had this spell over the Romans, the jew cause now became the cause of the gentiles. Can you see the MK Ultra style mind manipulation going on here?

  10. Christianity is a jewish creation. The Jesuits of course are a faction of Roman Catholicism(christianity) and Ingatious Loyola (The founder of the Jesuits) was a jew. The late British PM Benjamin Disraeli wrote about it in one of his books. The two most prolific experts on the secret societies-Manly P Hall and Albert Pike both stated on numerous occasions that all of the secret societies are branches of the Kaballah (jewish mysticism). That includes the illuminati, masons, jesuits, templars.

  11. The pope is the anti christ whom the lord JESUS warned us about. Paul clearley told us that satan would hi jack the christian church and install in it a blasphemoues leader who would claim to be christ's equal and who would rule over the leaders of the world from rome with a harlot church which will kill Gods saints. Thats the dark ages. the prophecy continues that this same beast will rule the world again at the end of time right now the popes and jesuits control the illuminati the elite

  12. @impotentarab Sorry mate gave up the weed many years ago. It only make your mind paranoid and susceptible to garbage like these theories. Yes there are delusional men out in the world who think they control the world with their little secret groups but they are just as delusional as the people who believes in these theories. You have the option to control yourself and you have choices in what you want to do with your life. Life is far too complex for a room of delusional men to control.

  13. @SpaceWalkTraveller Haha the bong part caught my eye. I am genuinely curious about how many people following these theories smoke weed. I am yes to both things.
    Not doing this for popularity, but please ONLY if you smoke weed, thumbs up if you are one of the few who understand the NWO system.

  14. @The123Mandingo I study maths and hence I am quite logical in my thoughts. This is why I can't acknowledge there being a god. In mathematics, a theorem is only accepted when a written proof is provided. This is how I see it with every religion…I understand the theorem/proposition and I am open to it, but until someone provide a proof, I shall never blindly agree like so many do.

  15. @impotentarab

    You need to look deeper into this. You think these Rothschilds and Warburgs you mentioned (plus Rockefellers, and all the rest) don't have a religion? Why do you think they have all that symbolism? Are you going to try to deny that Freemasonry exists? Are you going to try to deny that the Rothschilds are the bankers of the Vatican?

  16. Seeing the comments saddens me. People oppose the regime and the rulers of this world but blindly follow their most evil creation of all time……religion. The Rothchilds, Warburgs etc are not ruled by Satan. They may well be ruled by someone, but these groups are nothing more than shrewd businessmen who will enslave and kill the world to power their need for world domination. I would rather be controlled by them in ignorance than falsely believe i understand the system. WAKE UP

  17. I pity the Jesuits and Illuminati, 'cos once you sell your soul to the satan AKA aliens, you have to be slave of them for ever like work 24/7 every day all your life. you think these people are enjoying it far from it..they are stuck far worse than us, they are possessed by the satan whenever he wants to control us through them.

    Like true human beings and prey for these "lost souls" to give strength to them to free themselves from satan. less power to satan when these guys are free

  18. Yes who controls the world??? Is it the illuminate? Is it the Bilderberg? Is it the Masons? Is the Zionist? Is it the shape shifting lizards? Or is it Darth Vader?
    Stay tuned in Youtubers and smoke another bong and wait for the next exciting theory of who controles you by Youtube

  19. gods not going to do squat, you muttering morons. You have to take it back from those 1000 thugs. The control the military, police, media, every industry, bar none, and are murderous bastards and evil bitches. When you're ready to put together what it takes to identify the deal with each one of the slimy greedy cruel punk. These words I use don't begin to capture their nasty way. Just know that they are not untouchable…not by a longshot. hahhahahha

  20. With the way world the world is today with the Builderberg society, The Corrupt Banking System, Illuminati, Corrupt Government, Corrupt Corporations, Freemasonry , New World Order that has been phrased about in politics,UFO over Jerusalem being Bright Lights. DO YOUR RESEARCH, Could 2017 have a meaning after all being that 7 is a holy number. Lawlz just saying, Dun dun dun duhhhhh.

  21. @ed11561 I would say whoever controls AMERICA rules the world. I suspect it is the Royal Family and the Rothschilds. Don't underestimate the Royal family, they have been around a long time and have only got stronger. Why did I say whoever controls America. Because the American military is the most powerful in the world by far and if anyone does'nt toe the line they are Crushed. It's a pecking order and it's hard to work out the top ROOSTER.

  22. I suppose if it extended so far back the Washingtons quote makes it comes together. I wonder if he constructed the Constitution on the grounds to make it all harder for them to truly gain their goal?

    Or to make it easier to fabricate our minds further from the truth.

    Banks areproably all one but act like boxers before fights to make us all think their not!

    One thing that is wrong in this clip is Nick Clegg eventully became the leader of the Lib Dems. Oh shit I am going to disapear in my sleep

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