This sermon reveals some serious issues of concern for the peoples of the earth, and was preached on the Lord’s Day February 9, 2014 by Pastor Nelson Turner of Quoting statements made in a book by then Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Francis), Pastor Turner shows how the Pope condemns himself with his own words which belie a woeful ignorance and misunderstanding of the word of God.

As Pope, Francis claims to stand in the place of Christ on earth. But in his own words, he says that we cannot know Who God is. This is NOT the speech of a Bible believer. And since his words depart from the truth of God revealed in Holy Scripture, the Pope cannot be revered as a spoksman for or representative of the Living and True Lord God. Whatever else he may be, Pope Francis shows by his words that he is deceived and a deceiver of men.

If this is a blessing to you by God’s grace, please write to Pastor Turner at P.O. Box 257 Grantville, PA 17028 or via e-mail at to let him know that the Lord has blessed you in this preaching. You may also write to Pastor Turner if by your study of God’s eternal, infallible word, the AV1611 King James Bible, you have honest questions about the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed therein to God’s Elect.


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