Who Really CONTROLS This PLANET? Dean Garner Interview on The Jesuits & Rothschilds

I welcome researcher and author William Dean A Garner to the show to discuss the global elite and how they plan to destroy America’s middle class and conquer humanity.

William Dean A. Garner is a former biophysicist, US Army Airborne Ranger, New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and author of the book “Who Really Owns Your Gold? The Intended Global Meltdown Of 2012”


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  1. I really can't believe some of you people, what Dean is saying is entirely true. This idea that Jews and Zionist's run the world is insane. The idea of Jews running the world emanates from the Rothschild Family, "Who would ever search a family of orthodox Jews for the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church?" The clue is in their name! Rothschild in german means RED SHIELD as in the red shield of rome. If Jews ran the world why were they massacred throughout Europe in WWII ? Hitler himself praises the Jesuit order and Mein Kamft was co wrote with a Catholic priest who was thought to be a Jesuit. So Zionist Jews took over Palestine, The Jesuits have infiltrated every government, every monarch and every religion since the birth of their existence in 1540. The Jesuits were even expelled from Rome & the whole of Europe in 1773 by Pope Clement XIV, He was poisoned in 1774 and they were reinstated by Pope Pius VII in 1814 after they used Napoleon to brace war on Europe for their expulsion. Napoleon himself recognised exactly what the jesuits were about and i quote – "The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order.  Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery.  And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits].  Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…" I could go on and on but look for yourselves, The Answer lies within history and we must educate ourselves in a way no institute ever could. All roads lead to Rome …

  2. I find nothing insightful about anything this man says, he just regurgitates basic facts that are already out there, he doesn't expound on anything or bring anything original to the table…
    you are far more eloquent then this cracker and have a very good perspective on things reggie

  3. so they planned 250 years ago to crush the middle class and the rights of americans… both of which did not exist when these imaginary demons made these plans…
    im not denying that these groups are out there but this dude"dean' is not privy
    anyway peace to you demcad… long time no watch

  4. The Jesuits are so 17th century, the synagog of satan, though the Rothschilds, have all, but 3 countries on planet earth, indebted to them. The Jesuits don't own Hollywood, the Fed Res, London, etc… this is all blatantly crude, disinformation. Everything is Zionist controlled, and for all of you 1200s treaty guys, who say that means the Vatican owns London today, don't know international law, or treaties very well. Treaties do not supersede, the constitutional law of the land, but central banks do. I rest my case.

  5. I am trying to get them to do a Youtube roundtable talk series on several subjects. One of the main temples is a few blocks from where I live. I think I have one video about the place. I was originally there to check out the restoration work and get a look in their library. Got to talking more to the main guy off camera. The consensus among their leadership seems to involve blaming the downhill slide in this country on them losing control of a lot of things.

  6. Im sorry my friend but im not going to listen to your mumbling anymore. I don't associate myself with people with enough arrogance to claim themselves right in any situation. Yes some of your stuff i can agree but others don't even pertain to the situation, but im not going to sit here and say that your logic is wrong so I don't need to hear you to say that I am wrong. I wish you well my man.

  7. There is no truth, the human mind makes the illusion that there is always a a problem and a solution. If you look at human history we have always been violent and at war, it is simple genetics and the concept of survival that drives violence and evil. We are all part of the same species whether you like it or not so we all act in the same way. But due to our increasing intelligence we all have independent thought, it is virtually impossible to fully change the minds of billions to ones liking

  8. Back to the ignorance "WELL YOU'RE WRONG ON ALL OF THAT" you just proved my point. I'm not going to debate on whose right, there is no need for it. Also Im not going to fully change my opinion off of some comments and just a few videos. You say that you know the truth but the way you are going about it just makes you part of the problem just like rest of us. If they don't mean harm then you should just accept their opinions and views, it takes time to know the truth.

  9. I fully understand that i am getting lied too by the governments, church, oil companies and international banking cartels etc. But by commenting on dozens of videos saying one is wrong and people in the comments section are wrong. Oh and quit with the god shit, its the 21st century. I don't need to dedicate my life to a book that has been written 2 millennium ago to believe in god. The 3 evils in this world: Religion, Oil, and Money and guess what that is what runs this planet right now.

  10. Yes thanks for the interview. He is just another guy who has no critical thinking skills whatsoever. His rationale about gold is BS. If just one person had all the gold, it wouldn't do any good. You couldn't control anybody. Think about it. Money being created by law is the greatest evil. It is the most destructive tool the elite have ever created. With money can bring down countries and create the structural violence of inequality.

  11. Never heard the Jesuit angle but it all goes back to a spiritual war.

    Glad you are tolerant of others view points.

    Just got banned by Yankeeprepper for disagreeing with him which he will not tolerate.

    Good Job Demcad.

  12. You cannot murder millions of babies and endorse a homosexual lifestyle without suffering the consequences. Do you think we can mock God forever and not suffer any ramifications.
    What is happening has spiritual ramifications and needs to be understood in that light.

  13. The US is being brought down so the NWO which is a plan of the devil to control the world and that cannot happen with a strong US. I think this really got kicked into high gear when Kennedy was killed after talking about doing away with the FED and then Reagan started to get out of hand and they taught him a lesson.
    The US is no longer under God's protection our evil has removed that protection.

  14. Glenn Beck back in 2009 was seemingly on the right track when he started explaining the FED, the Illuminati(global elite) but then he dropped that and has gone back to the old conservatives good liberal bad which is just what the global elite want us to do.

    I think Michael Savage is the closest radio figure close to the truth and of course Alex Jones but he can discredit himself a lot.

    Keep your head down, prepare, pray, and trust in God – what is happening is foretold.

  15. Those things do not matter in the scheme of God's plan, they are vanity like King Solomon said. Anything contrary to the word of God is vanity. True Christians will recognize the futility of trying to accepted in the world system, we are set apart at birth to be part of the Kingdom of God. We can not serve two master either choose God or Satan's world system. Peace.

  16. The economic destruction of the US middle class started in the early 70's when Tricky Dick took us off the gold standard. You can look at all the charts and when they started hockey sticking.

  17. Oh, yes he is of course he cant do anything that God dont allow but satan control finance military education media and every aspect you can think of even all religions including pseudo-christianity.
    Not true Christians.

  18. What you fail to recognize are the sheer number and influence of Jesuits Universities, including but not limited to Georgetown University. The number of key government positions held by Jesuit University graduates is palpable.

    There's no doubt that the Rothschilds are a key player in the banking cartel and they are certainly complicate but to disregard the Vatican Bank and their connection to the Rothschilds is short sighted.

    Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists.

  19. Something IS going on, and whomever is doing it is very smart not to let anything come back on them. Not a thing. So while the savages argue and hurumph on social media the plan continues unabated. I have a prediction.

    If people maintain this stupidity of fighting against the dogma of others beliefs instead of fighting the bad that IS happening, they won't have anything left to fight over for they will have already lost their souls.

  20. No my friend this guy is not an idiot at all. I'm a follower of God so let me just throw that out there. Anyway, I have been researching everything that this guy mentioned and I can tell you that the majority of what he said was actually factual information, of course he had his opinions on some things just like we would if we were to have an interview, write a paper or simply give a speech. The answer to your question of who is doing what, is a little more trickier.

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