1. MUST WATCH & RESEARCH, they are ALL AROUND YOU, they are Professors Protestants in Disguise, FEDERAL JUDGES, High School Principals , City Counsel, MAYORS, Many Many GENERALS in the MILLITARY, I hope this is NOT TRUE but I FEAR it IS, https://youtu.be/7-xxPUWwsic, I Fear Trump is under too Much Control of JESUITS and zIONIST, 28 Jesuit Universities send out THOUSANDS each Year to INFILTRATE they have UN LIMITED DRUG MONEY and FREE ADVERTISING to get ELECTED to OFFICE, they HIde behind the KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS, in 1526 Black Nobility from BABYLON became Known as Venetians & Franciscans in ITALY, Constantine was BLACK NOBILITY, LOYOLA was Black Nobility in 1526 they Joined with a EVIL SECT of JEWS now Called ZIONIST to Create the JESUITS, Black Pope is Name of Head of Jesuits, They Start WARS and Finance Both Sides, Either Way they WIN, They are you Main DRUG DEALERS, with ZIONIST, see How they Helped ROTHSCHILDS Steal American MONEY SYSTEM Video FIAT EMPIRE, see John Perkins Confessions of Economic Hit Man, Copy and Re POst Most of all RESEARCH OPEN your EYES, They are behind adding NEUROTOXIN in Water and Soft Drinks, see 48 Video in TV Section at http://www.FluorideAlert.org, it Plugs up ends of BRAIN NEURONS, MILLIONS Sit in NURSING HOMES with NO MIND LEFT, MSG in Food causes BRAIN NEURONS to EXPLODE ADD ADHD, see MOVIE WAR ON HEALTH by Bary Null, see VAXXED, see DR TENT video YOU GOT VIRUSES, I have Documented 37 Evil Things being Done to AMERICANS RIGHT NOW!, I Could say Much Moore again PLEASE RESEARCH Copy and RE POST,

  2. The only good thing the Church did for me was a priest who told me to break up with my fiance who became my husband. Wish I had listened. He became a corrupt CPA. A profession you rarely hear besmearched but many in prison but not publicized during S&L's crashing. One of Bush sons headed one and his name mentioned over that time. My ex always auditing the S&D's. Now I know.

  3. Chico and Debbie, thank you so much for so much important information about the Papacy and the Jesuits. We are in the end times and yes I am born again and deeply following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Again thank you so much. God bless you both.

  4. The Gambino crime syndicate is the most dominant and menacing criminal organization in the United States. They also have direct control over the Los Angeles crime family and Albanian Rudaj Organization today. The Gotti, Gambino, and Castellano families are the primary bloodlines of the Gambino crime syndicate and they are related with Italian nobility. La Cosa Nostra controls most street gangs, the heroin market, weapons trafficking, extortion rackets, and the gambling industry. The street gangs are directly tied in with the rap industry with many major rappers as crime bosses. This is why gangster rappers idolize and promote La Cosa Nostra in their lyrics all the time. The rapper 50 Cent appears to be a hidden top boss of both the Bloods and Crips that operate in New York and East Coast. Dr. Dre is estimated to be worth around 800 million and is a top boss of the West Coast Crips while many of his associates manage the West Coast Bloods. Jay Z is a top boss of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation which was originally financed by the Rockefeller Foundation and why Jay Z calls his record company Roc-A-Fella Records. Jay Z is estimated to be worth over 600 million. Wu-Tang and RZA work closely with the Five Families, Almighty Vice Lord Nation, Five Percenters, and Nation of Islam. Most of the opium that is trafficked into the United States comes from criminal elements in the US military and intelligence agencies and they hand it over to the Italian Mafia which cut it into heroin and sell to the street gangs. The Italian Mafia have infiltrated the New York and New Jersey Port Authority and dominate the weapons market and sell firearms to the street gangs. This is one way they have monopolized dominance in organized crime.

    The Gambino family are a branch of the House of Gambara that were located in Brescia, Lombardy in Italy with members like Countess Veronica Gambara, Count Gianfrancesco Gambara, and Cardinal Uberto Gambara. The word Italian word gamb which means leg derives from the Greek word Campe which means crooked and this gave the name to Campania Italy. This is also where the words gambling, bootleggers, and crooks all come from. The Gatti-Grami family of Lombardy are related with the Gotti family. The Gatti were Italian politicians and landowners that later settled a branch in Switzerland. The Swiss Gatti's moved to London with Carlo Gatti and later John Maria Gatti a British knighted Jesuit educated businessman and Lord Mayor of Westminster that worked at the City of London Corporation. The Gatti family are a covert branch of the House of Gaetani. The Gaetani family are from an ancient Getae clan that have continually intermixed with Gothic nobility. Gotti means Goth. The House of Gaetani are Roman Black Nobility that also have titles in Piedmont not far from Lombardy and are the covert owners of the Gambino crime family. The Lombardy nobility ruled the trade routes of Florence and Venice to Germany and used this as leverage over the merchants and would demand tolls. They also established criminal groups of bandits called the Buli that would rob the merchants and bankers. This is where organized crime really originated from in Italy.

    It is organized crime that is the greatest threat to society because of their bold willingness to use violence and force. The corrupt and non corrupt politicians fear La Cosa Nostra more than any other group. The Gambino crime family's associate Nardino Colotti has been running the Albanian Rudaj Organization and using them to move in on the Chicago Outfit's operation in Las Vegas. The Castellano family are related with Spanish-Italian nobility and their name means castle. Paul Castellano ran the Gambino crime family for a period of time. They create the fortification for the Gambino and Gotti families and are still covertly active today. The Los Angeles crime family and Gambino crime family both appear to be controlled by John Gambino along with Frank Cali. Tommy Gambino and Rosario Gambino are the advisers. Hollywood like politics is also under the influence of La Cosa Nostra. The role of the mafia is to act as the enforcers as well as influencing corruption. The Black Nobility in Italy own the mafia organizations. They also control the Society of Jesus which is used as an intelligence network and has infiltrated various aspects in government and especially the CIA and Department of Defense. The Black Nobility control the Knights of Columbus and members are often involved in the law system like police and judges. This combination of Jesuit infiltration, covert mafia enforcers, and the hidden wealth of the Black Nobility is a highly oppressive force on society. The key to taking away most of the Black Nobility's power is shutting down all of their mafias.

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