Who’s in charge of the Jesuits?!? – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

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  1. Whats up with the Jesuit Oath? thats answer will explain so much. Back in the 30s 40s and 50s parents forced their children into priesthood which explains the Pedophilia but not the teachings. Relic worship and the pope having absolute authority and basically being jesus on earth. Another thing i dont understand is the design of st peters. Its a serpent from above. Read the book from the 1800s called the back pope its pretty telling as well as Vatican assassins. To me Christ is love and thats it. Everything else makes us less childlike. Anyways God bless

  2. @D. Marie Lycurgus: both 'conservative' & 'liberal' are secular political terms. These terms are inaccurate when used to describe Catholics or The Church. The following terms may be useful to you: one is 'orthodox' [small o] in faith = faithful. . . or one is 'heterodox' = heretic or apostate.

  3. Fr. Mark, are you not in a good place to do serious research to answer your own questions:
    Who is superior of the "rainbow rosary priest" ? Who oversees the 6 or 7 Jesuit students
    at some Catholic School accused of pedophile activity ? I predict if you start digging below the surface you will be told to "back off", "stand down", "nothing to see here".
    I am subscribing today, am praying for your war on evil infiltrators, and planning to follow your journey towards helping to reverse the takeover of immoral and doctrinal heretics.

  4. Fr., I can attest to the "Jesuit values" nonsense since I attended and graduated from a Jesuit high school. There was staff there- highly admired by staff and students alike- that were openly against Church teachings. I wasn't even particularly religious at that period of my life but I knew what I smelled was more skunk spray than incense.

  5. Wow, you sound like the versions of the Oracle of Delphi, the whore that considered providing wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods! Please are you referring to gay Paul the misogynist? We would love this! It is people like you that gives a bad name to true Christian!

  6. The current Superior General of the Jesuits is Arturo Sosa. You think James Martin is bad? Google him, because it will take me the entire day to list all the respects in which his theology, religious beliefs and political views are absolutely incompatible with Catholic teaching.

  7. This priest is a poseur. He is fake. He’s also grandiose and narcissistic. He’s like a poor man’s Catholic Lite version of the late Protestant evangelical preacher, Dr Robert Schuller from The Hour of Power!
    Btw Father Mark, the word amongst intelligent thoughtful Catholics, supported by trained psychiatrists and psychologists, is that you are kooky. Beware the young evangelising priest who trumpets holiness and virtue. He often has neither but he often has a big ego.

  8. Fr. Mark, of all your YouTube videos – this one crushes the head of Satan the most. There are still saintly Jesuits, but have they all forgotten about fraternal correction. If I was a Jesuit, heads would be rolling. With much experience on this topic ☦️ it's part of their "way of proceeding" – where young men are told to "be quiet until they're ordained" – that's 12-13 years of silence amidst scandal and corruption (visit any Jesuit University, etc. and it won't be hard to find). Otherwise, the vocal ones are isolated or rejected from the "order".
    With prayers that good Jesuits get some fortitude and confront their wayward brothers. If they don't listen, then they don't belong in the "order" – complacency and / or inclinations toward "Am I my brother's keeper" are not options. It all brings a grave disgrace to the Jesuit motto – AMDG.
    Fr. Mark – as St. Ignatius would say, "Magis" = More. Bring this out into the light. This evil has been festering in their "order" for decades.

    ☮️ of Christ,

  9. Here in Rochester NY, we were just advised that 2 Jesuit priests that had taught at a "prestigious " Catholic high school or were in the administration of it, have been fired by their order for sexual crimes with children. These happened a long time ago and the Jesuits are finally starting to clean their house!

  10. Psalm 141: 1-9
    (Catholic Household blessings and prayers)

    I have called to you, Lord; hasten to help me! Hear my voice when I cry to you. Let my prayer arise before you like incense, the raising of my hands like an evening oblation.
    Set O Lord, a guard over my mouth; keep watch at the Door of my lips! Do not turn my heart to things that are wrong, to evil deeds with men that are sinners.
    Never allow me to share in their feasting. If a good man strikes or reproves me it is kindness; but let the oil of the wicked not anoint my head. Let my prayer be ever against their malice.
    Their princes were thrown down by the side of the rock: then they understood that my words were kind. As a millstone is shattered to pieces on the ground, so their bones were strewed at the mouth of the grave.
    To you, Lord God, my eyes are turned: in you i take refuge; spare my soul! From the trap they have laid for me keep me safe: keep me from the snares of those who do evil.
    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen

  11. http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/The_Plot_Against_the_Church

    The Plot Against the Church
    by Maurice Pinay Pen name (old school Jesuit)
    Father Joaquin Sáenz y Arriaga, S.J.
    PhD. (Philosophiæ Doctor – Doctor of Philosophy)
    Th. D. (Doctor Theologiæ – Doctor of Theology)
    J.C.D. (Juris Canonici Doctor – Doctor of Canon Law)

    1961-62 in manuscript form, 1967 first published edition

    A comprehensive review of Talmudic fanaticism as it was directed at sabotaging the Catholic Church on the occasion of the Second Vatican Council. Originally written as a warning to cardinals and bishops of the plot to poison Catholic doctrine with Communist and Zionist errors at the coming World Synod in Rome. Contains four parts: The Secret Driving Force of Communism, The Power Concealed Behind Freemasonry, The Synagogue of Satan, and The Jewish Fifth Column in the Clergy. Here is what the author said in the days leading up to Vatican II: “A most dastardly conspiracy is in being against the Church. Its enemies are about to destroy its most sacred traditions and to propose such daring and malevolent reforms…to bring about the collapse of the world and to deliver Holy Church into the claws of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’…”

    What Ever Happened to Fr. John O'Connor, O.P. (who warned of the Satanic New World Order)?

  12. The Rothschilds are in charge of the Jesuits and Catholic Church in general.

    The Matrix is Jewish theology! Red pill (accept and understand the dark reality of our age) or Blue Pill (living in an illusion of false reality – like a fool's paradise).

  13. Activists have been fighting this enemy for years. I hope you are right, but hope that all Christians, Muslims, and everyone good can unite to fight against these pervert Talmudists destroying everything.

    Red pilled basically means that you are beginning to see that the world is being controlled by the Mafia: the Jewish people. They got mainstream media so their crimes get covered up. Be very careful, everyone. Even homeless Jewish harass me. They are hooked up together with synthetic telepathy. Research targeted individuals to see what kind of weapons we are being hit with.

    Oh, and Jews did 911 to hijack militaries to use against their enemies in the Middle East. They are the enemy of humankind and not just the Church.

    Now you have the full red pill dose.

    I'm with you. Fight until victory or martyrdom. Received a threat just today and posted the person's account info in social media to expose them. Expose all darkness to the light!

  14. Jesuits have about the same reputation in the Catholic church as the Christian brothers. Christian brothers became in charge of many institutions too, and have through abuse and sex abuse ruined many lives. These orders free themselves from the chain of authority and start doing their own thing. Filled with rebelliousness or men with lukewarm Christian conviction and loyalty.

  15. The only way they could recognize the value of their souls is to call them into repentance and salvation. It is so sad to see certain groups of politically correct groups somehow be told they don’t have to repent and give their lives to Christ and take up their cross and follow him. Affirmation of sin does no good to the individual and damages the soul of the one doing the affirmation.

  16. Father Mark, the answer is, of course, that the Secretary General is in charge of the Jesuits, and he has publicly expressed that he doesn't believe in the existence of the devil…that evil is nothing more that a social construct.  That simply flies in the face of traditional Catholic teaching, and it also contradicts Catholic doctrine as expressed in the Catholic catechism.  It implies that, if there is no devil, then there is no hell, and if there is no hell, then the whole purpose of Jesus' suffering and dying on the cross was pointless.  One could easily ask, "Jesus died to save us from what?"  It also denies the truth established in the Apostles Creed…"He descended into hell…."  Why are these people continuing to function in positions of leadership?  A real Jesuit, Fr . Malachi Martin, wrote the truth in his novel "Windswept House" about what is happening to our church today, and it exposes what Pope St. Paul VI said:  "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church."

  17. Our Jesus to Mankind Prayer Group met today in Indianapolis, we prayed for you Fr. Mark.I believe you will be called to lead the way for the Holy Remnant out of the Corrupt Church. Read The Book of Truth and let the Lord lead you.  Our prayers go with you as we hold this vigil, Jesus is coming for His Bride.

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