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  1. Actually Jesus was conceived on Dec 25 , if you read Luke 1:1 thru 1:42 it gives several dates about both the conception of Mary's cousin Elisabeth ,who waste gnat with John the babtist and the conception of Jesus thru the Holy Spirit . Zacharias was a Levite priest and hs duties under the course of Abia are dates that can be checked thru historical records . Jesus was conceived on Dec. 25

  2. The EU is the beast but Islamic Turkey joins then near the end of the final 3 1/2 years places his own 10 kings and destroys Babylon, the Vatican, in one hour. April 17 could begin the final 3 1/2 years. Please check my blog for the covenant already made. 2300 days later is Luke 21:20. TKICBS .blogspot .ca The Child of Rev 12 may be lifted around that same date. I hope you can see this.

  3. Its islam now. Our Opposition Leader Jesuit wants to stop asylum seekers coming into our country. His roman catholic MPs are all against Islam. They are peddling racist hatred against muslims all throughout Facebook. The Nazi's gangs and Liberal MPs R/C brought Wilders over to talk on Islam hatred Abbott uses his religion in his political speeches. A large number of people peddle his lies and most are Roman Catholics. They have tried to bring down our PM falsely by trying to falsely smear her.

  4. It's a worry because Abbott our opposition leader is a Jesuit and his Roman Catholic Mps are enciting Islam hatred. They are against asylum seekers muslims coming into our country. They brought in Wilers to peddle islam hatred. They encite Muslim hatred all over facebook.

  5. lol hi

    Not many ppl mention the jesuits because they usually are part of the vatican. All of the secret societies are linked to the vatican. ALL the world leaders report & answer to the vatican. The united nations obey the voice of the vatican. Even America obeys the voice of the pope. Why? It is because they are all part of the vatican, which is set above them all. This is something which cant b explained in writing as theres a lot to study on it. If u research them u will understand it better

  6. The Jesuits ran the church anyway , it is no great revelation one has been elected pope .the bible is clear , Christ returns and gets against Islam , every country named is Islamic and this is the religion of Satan . The catholic church will play a major role , what is not so clear at this point but I do believe they will align with Islam some how . Peace

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