8 Replies to “Why Quit Gematria after 2 Years if it took LeBron, Jordan, Elway & Peyton YEARS before 1st Titles???”

  1. I tried to help you with suggesting to you that England or Belgium might win you should follow the sport the answer will come Argentina was terrible they couldn't even qualify these two teams have deapest squads which wins games

  2. Washington is 43-43 7 games out of their division, I really believe the World Series is going to be the Philadelphia Phillies vs the Seattle Mariners. Philadelphia is they Keystone state, Keystone = 114, Roy Halladay died on November 7th 2017 leaving 54 days left in the year, Baseball = 54, His birthday this year is 162 days before the World Series. Played his last 4 years with the Phillies, died 4 years after retiring, died on the 7th, 7 being the 4th prime. If everything goes how it looks like right now, the Phillies will re-take 1st place 108 days before the World Series with Jacob Joseph Arrieta pitching on 7/7, Jacob Joseph Arrieta = 77 and it will be their 49th win, Jacob Arrieta = 49 and he wears 49 and the NL is at 48 wins in the World Series. Then there is the Mariners, an Eagle landing on James Paxton during the national anthem on April 5th which is 4/5 or 5/4 both being baseball numbers, then there was the Starbucks racial incident in Philadelphia on 4/12, Starbucks = 114 with Starbucks headquarters being in Seattle. James Paxton threw a No-Hitter 4 months and 5 days after the Eagle against 1 of the 2 teams Roy Halladay played for, it was also 26 days after the Starbucks incident, the Seattle area code is 206 and drop the 0 which makes it 26. Paxton wears 65 and the AL has 65 World Series wins.

  3. If gematria is what you are making it out to be, than you should not compare yourself to these sports athletes, as you obviously claim that these athletes are already set in stone by the freemasons or whatever! Of course I agree that there is more to it than just the numbers, like everything there must be some set of rules to follow, so these masons can kinda communicate to each other and read certain things "that matter" for themselves, so they also know what is going on. You cant just say the name equals to this, thus…… I am sure they follow certain equations so it makes sense for everybody else in their community, so that they can follow it and understand it, too. And this is probably the hardest bit to crack.

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