Why There’s A Man’s Thing in D.C.

Ever wonder the significance of the obelisk or how it ended up in front of the Vatican, the City of London and Washington D.C.?

Here is a brief summary of what the obelisk represents, and what those that place it on their property are paying homage to…that’s right, LUCIFER

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  1. A so called truth teller is just a tool that is being used in these last days, before the judgement of God start we see in Revelation 6:12-17. Why the need for truth teller? Truth tellers only tell those things which have been keep hid from the masses, which is a fullfilmeant of Daniel 11:33, they that understand among the people shall instruct many. Which is another fullfilmeant of Matthew 10:26 Fear them not there, for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid , that shall not be known. Sadly these so called truth tellers take issue with the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. Because they don't understand the Truth that is in Christ Jesus.

  2. 😋 😊 when speaking of most large pointed objects (and there are many) toward the sky it's all to harness energy. Yes it also sexual because face it most things are/have been a product of pro creation. BUT like the action and the results, energy is needed to make it happen and one can become drained of it. And Mother nature is over this treatment and we are contacted to her…… that's why most of us knew the true meaning of Motherf*#kers. Much Love and Ra-spect 🙏 💞💞 💞💞 .

  3. If you draw a Rhombus inside the Vesica of Pisces, a Mer-Ka-Ba can be formed, which is the ascent to heavenly places and the Throne of God.. The upper triangle represents the Man (fire), the down pointing triangle half is the Woman(water)in Alchemy. Today, they are more commonly known as the Sword and Chalice.

  4. Incidentally, the monument is 6660 inches tall or 555 feet tall which encodes the 6/5 ratio which is an extremely important ratio that can define the location of the planets. 6 is the number of macrocosm(earth size or larger) and 5 is the number for microcosm(man size or smaller). There was also a Pope called by the ratio name, Sixtus V(Fifth or 5).

  5. Yes, this is a vulgar display of man into woman, an act of coitus. On the ground you will see a Vesica of Pisces(Vessel of Pisces) where 2 circles form a Vaginal opening at the point where the 2 circles intersect. All life is said to have sprang from the Vesica of Pisces by the piercing of the veil. If you observe carefully, at the Vatican, there are men statues surrounding the sexual act. They are located atop the surrounding building. The men are waiting for their chance to have their chance to inseminate the woman(whore of Babylon) in orgy fashion thereby screwing the world.

  6. You are correct Harvey the world is ran by satanists and luciferianism spells from witches warlocks and Wizards. Only his name's not Lucifer…it's gadreEl. You done all this digging and come to the conclusion just like I did and many others have that were dealing with dark Forces. So so how can you not look at the other team? Not God cuz God is Satan and not Jesus because he's been made a mockery you can't have one without the other the truth in the lye exist in the same space. Faith in your fellow man ??0 never. Everything man touches he corrupt. Faith in yourself?? Never cuz we are corrupt keep digging Harvey you're almost there

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