Why we should welcome people from the countries Trump insulted

Fr. James Martin, S.J., answers President Donald Trump’s question about why we should welcome people from poor, war-torn countries.


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  1. Amen. And why won't you, please, emphasize – in respect to those affected – the importance of LEGAL MIGRATION. Please!!!? Use your platform to teach! To lead! Jesus opened yOur eyes to lawlessness for a reason! Thank you. X

  2. You are relying on a rosy, unrealistic, idealistic image of these people. Honestly look into the age and sex demography of those coming into europe, look at crime statistics which distinguish between natives and immigrants. Look at literacy rates, look at the state of their native countries, look at their religion. Honestly just go look at the world around you. I remember hearing about how the Jesuits used to practically help the third world, by preaching the gospel and teaching them how to work in their own countries. That is a truly noble thing, and I wish you would do that still. Instead, you are now running moral cover for the agenda of the satanic worldly elite, who want to mix and adulterate all of God's creation into an unrecognizable, perverted multiethnic one. Whenever you are in agreement with the sanhedrin, the corrupted worldly elite, the god of this world… be it on abortion, gays, immigrants, the history of ww2, anything at all. Seriously stop and consider what you are doing.

  3. I'm an atheist myself, but I do believe religion can be a tool for great good, or great evil.
    James, and by extension, any group/society he represents, are that force for good, that appeal to man's better nature, of using the Bible to spread peace and love.
    Thank you for this video, it's beautiful.

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