Wikileaks Explosive; Actual Corruption And Racism IN THE WHITE HOUSE!
Wikileaks Explosive; Actual Corruption And Racism IN THE WHITE HOUSE!
Not only did Obama seek guidance on Cabinet appointments from a BANKER, the discussion was focused on race, rather than qualifications


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  1. Now'!, Now'!, At the video time 09:36~ Trump states; "On regulations, I will formulate a rule, which says that, for every one-new regulation, two-old regulations Must'! Be'! Eliminated'!, It's so important"…
    Again~Now'!!,,, Thus statement, we need/have to be careful and have a constant diligent watchful eye with this one statement'?, Importantly, because some very important and crucial regulatory laws could vanish forever'?, some very old and original laws that, have always been helpful and still good'?, no matter how old or outdated the laws-are to-be'!!!!. We have to ask ourselves, no matter how good things might be going at the time, always, always question things to be'!. I digress, Wolves do come in sheep's clothing, and bad will come in the disguise of a good-light'!…

  2. Whites need to start looking out for themselves !!! They have never stood up for themselfs and bend over backwards to include/cater to other races and STILL get called racist !!! The only ones that are real racist are the ones that use the term in hate and spite. Im half breed Choctaw/irish and only hate is-lame !!! Shity people come in all colors !!!

  3. I HATE the fact that Trump is giving hilly cleenton a pass, but wonder what the left will do when/if he gives Julian Assange a pass too.  I know who would not like that – James ''Mad Dog'' Mattis and I really like him

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