WJU finding out the new pope is a Jesuit

Compilation video by Ciudad.com: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoBaB9cAMq4

Students and staff at WJU first can’t believe the new pope is a Jesuit and then lose it when confirmed


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  1. a you folks aware of who the jesuits are they were expel from every country at one point they were known to bevery dangerous i love roman catholics but the teaching of the church is false .one of the beliefs of the catholic church is that the pope is the substitute of jesus whe the bible cleary says that the holy spirit is christ substitute.also the bible said we should not contact the dead and the church prays to mary a dead person. also for those who know history dont you guys know that doing the dark ages the catholic church put 150,0000 christians to death for simply reading the bible.here is two books i recommend that you guys read the first book is called,FOXES BOOK OF MATYRS the authour name is john fox. the second book is called,THE GREAT CONTROVERSY the authour name is ellen gould white.you can download the app on your phone and download these books for free or you can contact the ABC BOOK STORE AND BY THEM.

  2. I was a Catholic and I don't understand why anyone would get this excited over an order that was founded by crypto Jews who also founded the illuminati and did animal sacrifices as jews. Like if religion gets this much over your heads, ya'll in trouble..

  3. happy because jesuits are very anti protestant-Christian? whats wrong with these people? jesuit becoming a pope is against the catholic churchs rule and laws because they are too radical but i bet you never knew that.. and now you have a pope publicly praying to lucifer. the blood of the persecuted protestants will be on your hands also.

  4. Especially while we have a progressive Pope, I humbly beseech progressive Catholics to pray for the canonization of:

    'Abd al-razāq 'Ali Artan, Forster Batterham, Brother George R. Berrian, F.S.C., Rev. Daniel Joseph Berrigan, S.J., Rev. Philip Francis Berrigan, S.S.J., Brother Celsus John Brown, F.S.C., Sebastian V. Cacaci, Dorothy Day, Floyd Dell, Max Eastman, Dr. Genoveva Forest Tarrat, Kiko Garcia, Arturo Giovannitti, Itzok Isaac Granich aka Itzhak Isaac Granici aka Itzok Isaac Granici alias Michael Gold, Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarmann aka Fritz Haarmann, Edward Michael Harrington, Jr., Rev Rosario Raphael Mazza, Lionel Calhoun Moise, John Reed, Boardman Robinson, Jeffrey James Sharlet, Berkeley Greene Tobey, Albert W. Wolter.

    Rev Professor Paul Garcia Gonzalez, Fitzgerald Hall, 3500 Lindell, Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63103 is conducting numerous prayer circles.

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