Women Have a Secret Power THAT DEMONS WANT! – Dr. Gene Kim

Dr. Gene Kim (UC Berkely & PBI)
Resources: http://bbcenglish.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2670&Itemid=201


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  1. Pastor Kim, as always, you are amazing at your calling.No other Pastor explains it as clear and simple as you do. God bless you and thank you for making it so interesting. I love how you preach !!! Everything about you, your articulation and passion when teaching the bible.

  2. PREACH IT MR. GENE!!! My wife and I fully agree! Women are a powerful tool and gateway – even the spirit of jezebel. There's a lot to it, pretty intricate. We surely got some bad creatures from the intermingling between the fallen ones and women…

  3. Must say ive been questioning my role as a woman and God has sent me this message throught this wonderful preacher and teacher and i thank God for him in Jesus name amen. Will definitely be watching the other videos he's going to teach on this subject

  4. I think the power of the hair is the fact that they can decide to not surrender that power, like they are not having to humble themselves, they are not having to show everything, that is also why the devil wants to strip them of their covering, because of their lust and because they are making the women surrender their power to them.

  5. aul video Pastor. You are onto something big.
    Women persuade, manipulate and seduce.
    The spirit of jezebel is running rampant and it's getting worse. woman are using witchcraft and spells. Women in the new age are learning to open their third eye. These things are very dangerous.
    This has been a concern of mine for years. I'm hoping you will expand on this. I'd like to learn how to combat it spiritually.
    Thank you for increasing my understanding.
    God bless you!♡

  6. Pastor Kim, I believe you would make a great husband one day. I believe whoever God puts in your life to be your wife will be very lucky. You’re the type of man women should want to marry! God bless

  7. Western world lets women dress as they please. Naturally women dress to distract. When people are distracted by the women's exposed skin, the women find themselves able to compete with men in business, this also destroys the concept of matrimonial lifestyles and sacredness.

  8. Excellent sermon brother! Thank you Lord Jesus for shedding your blood for my soul and I know I'm saved, for as the old hymn goes, "I put my faith in nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness! On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand!"

  9. Very good dear, you're such a handsome keeper! I know when God is ready He will send you a longhaired beauty, a total female helpmate that loves God as you do. Probably be a tall order as your Mother is so outstanding.
    My dad in the ministry before and all my life, my Mother of four and His helpmate, She also went to LSU for Her beautiful voice. She sang all those years in the fairly large congregation, another lady.. a pianist and composer worked with my Mom making amazing musical presentations that just made my dads church. She worked so hard, harder than He, making a home raising us kids and the church.. well He left Her after us kids were in our late teens. It is a long story but tragic, He was ex-communicated and was never able to preach again, my Mother with no job experience went through so much but never turned Her back on the Lord. Even though my dad had left Her for a very young girl I had babysat in church She still held Her head high and made it through, She died of an aneurism many years later. We will meet Her when we all get Home, walking with the King!
    Yes, women are very special and the devil will and does ravage us at every turn, this world is so painful at best for most Gods female children. He has done his best to maim and kill me all my life, because of my Mother and my Nana I still go on with my Lord Jesus holding me up! God Bless your Mother!

  10. Wow, thank you for this message! My husband is a pastor of a small town church in Western Montana for going on 3 years now, this message has helped me understand some things i have been struggling with.

  11. Pastor, i don't know if you get to read these comments, but I wanted to tell you about some of the occult. Baphomet is both male and female. One of the most edifying things you can do for that diety, besides blood sacrifice, is to change genders of one of your children, or yourself. (This is where you may want to check out) Most of the female singers in hollywood were born male and then castrated and given hormones before puberty. This gives them the power of the male lungs while keeping the female tone.

  12. How many hours do you study pastor? You study scriptures others have only bypassed. You changed my life…although I almost stopped watching after the cat video….but I guess you are only human and cannot be perfect. I am currently not in a local church…I tried them all and the one I like outed the pastor who delved into prophecy…Is is right for me to tithe to your ministry?

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