World Youth Day Talk: A Jesuit Pope!

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops invited Father James Martin, SJ, editor at large at America, to address the English-speaking youth during World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, in a series of videos. In this video, Father Martin speaks about our Jesuit pope. What does it mean to have a Jesuit pope? And how does Pope Francis’s Jesuit background and Ignatian spirituality influence his papacy?


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  1. Blindly? No. Bigoted? Yes! Unlearned? You have no idea the knowledge I have on the Society of 'Jesus'. Keep following your Roman sun god worshipping right until the day you are separated from the wheat. Either you are very deceived, or you are a Jesuit yourself (or just a wannabe)- I'd believe either. Doesn't matter, a satanic pagan no matter how you cut it. Go pray to the idol Mary (Mithra), statues, kiss the foot of Jupiter, put men in place of Yeshua, prey on children. YHVH is Salvation!

  2. The "Jesuit oath" you are referring to is sometimes called the "4th vow" of the Jesuits and sometimes called the "oath" of the Knights of Columbus. The crazy vow is ludicrous and could only be believed by a person blinded or very ignorant (unlearned).

    This oath was created years ago by a US anti-Catholic. The aim was to circulate it during US political campaigns to use against Catholic candidates. Note: Copies only existed in English and were never found outside the US before the Internet.

  3. Wipe that smile from your face, you worker of iniquity! The entire world of YHWH knows your falsehoods. We have read your disgusting Jesuit oath about killing infants, infiltrating true churches, all to further the cause of your father the devil. Your Antichrist pope only has a short space before the Most High casts you all in the bottomless pit. You just keep praying to Mary and Preying on children, because we both know what your eternal future holds. I serve the true Father, YHWH!

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