WTF! Jesuit Pope Francis Bans & Criminalizes All Reporting of Sex Abuse!

Talking about blatentley HIDING the truth !! WOW !

Part Satire , But Facts Highlighted !

Even More Links AS PROOF !


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  1.  If I was you I would be wondering   why THIS pope has an arrest warrant for him,  for  child trafficking.     GEEE IMAGINE THAT!  and the  last  pope  pope benadict  had an arrest warrant   for him.  for child torture and  child trafficking, along  with the queen of  england,  (I know its hard to believe,  but its true) (look it up  for yourself)  the catholic church is   the devils playground.

  2. The pope is a wolf in sheep's clothing. If it had been the Baptist or Holiness church who committed these crimes, the law would have shut it all down completely after convicting the sex abuses committed by the Catholic church. "The office of pope is an antichristian office" (Sinead O'Conner) The Catholic church should be completely shut down! If the pope does not shut the Catholic church down he is a devil in disguise.

  3. Well since i'm not under the authority of the catholic church, nor live in Rome i'm thinking i'm good. Just wonder if maybe what the Lord urged us to do "Come out of her" is seriously a call to leave organized religion all together. I think being under any of these false churches is more of a Mark than any RDIF chip could be.

  4. My friend, your are misinformed. It actually criminalizes the acts themselves. There is nothing saying that it is a crime to leak information. If I am wrong, please post the link of the real source of this info.

  5. Nothing new here – it has always been forbidden to say, write, do or report anything which may be damaging to the reputation of the RCC – the penalty being discommunication, a penalty which is scary to those who believe in the RCC doctrine or whose careers depend upon them keeping their mouths shut.

  6. The sources of this guy, can't really be stated as authentic sources, when the man who has this channel can go to the site, write up whatever story he wants including saying whatever he wants. Cleck enter, and Voila he has a source! Is this the truth NO NO NO it is not. Do not listen to any voice. Check information out for yourselves. This Daboo77 is not on the side of good or he would not be making up falsehoods. He would speak the truth. Shut your mouth Dahboo whoever you are. You are a LIAR

  7. I listened again and I do not get it. I am a non de nom guy but am watching this guy closely. Not sure what this new ruling acatually means. It's like they say it in code. Maybe Im not as smart as I use to be 🙂

  8. Not at all. In the Septuagint Christ said he will build His church on this rock (petra = feminine rock mass), not a detached rock (petros = masculine Peter). This cannot refer to Simon Peter. The church was built on/by Christ (1 Cor 3:11) and all authority was given to Christ, not man (Matt 28:18).

    Further, Peter was married (1 Cor 9:5, Matt 8:14), he denied reverence (Acts 10:25-26), he denied the Lord 3 times, and was rebuked by Paul in Gal 2:11 for being heretic. That's the truth.

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