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5 Replies to “WW3 & A New World Order. All The World’s A Stage. They Are Trying To Unite As ONE Under UN Control.”

  1. In other words you weak individuals are allowing our enemies to succeed in using our religion against us to divide our people from our leaders. Conspiracy theorist are the most naive retards and don't even realize half of this shit isn't even a conspiracy it's just diluded down to absolute bullshit.

  2. You know what I think? I think this is all bullshit for weak and paranoid people released by the East and scared people who's lives are so sad they believe they are not truly free and its to divide our people and make us think our governments are corrupt to the core and their NWO agenda is pure evil, when in fact the true goal of these wars is to unite the west, than take over the eastern communist, anyone who is a threat that resist this new world and their followers and let humanity live it out in peace and harmony in a global society and the people as one. And frankly there is no other way to do it. Pain and suffering is the only way to unite humanity for the good of the worlds people in the long run. It must be done to progress humankind to the next level of unity and to end the thousands of years of suffering from wars and religious controversy between the people. The West is taking over the World to benefit the future generations of the worlds people and us people here in the west have already benifited from just that, and create a society based upon equal opportunity, freedom and honest competition. And hundreds of years from now the world will worship the USA founding fathers for starting the initiative to bring up the people freedom and equality in a society where everyone get's an honest chance at life. How about trying and watching these so called controversial speeches Bush Sr gave on the new world order in a different view, don't take out the bullshit one liners that support your delusional thoughts on the NWO but listen to the whole entire speeches word for word than go and watch other speeches from more of these "illuminati" people. They promote a global society where man is not fighting one another with war and the worlds people can live in a world of peace and harmony as one to unite all of man for the progression of our race to a whole new level and we have already progressed so far the past three centuries. Now we must face it that this is the only way to get there, we live in a very crucial ground breaking time in history and it sucks but we all gotta suck it up and take one for the team so theres not thousands and thousands of more years of war. Just thank god that today wars are fought for freedom and equality and to keep this western dream alive of uniting humanity and not to boast about how much bigger the victors dick is, that's not what it's about anymore. We must take human to the next level and out of this horrific age it's been in for almost 5,000 years, these people are saviors to the human race and you people are just scared and will look anywhere for answers no matter how deluded the information is and how anti western the information is. You may hate them today, but you will thank them tomorrow and it doesn't take a "zionist jew" psychopath to realize that's the truth, and you want proof? Just look at the past hundred years of history of US wars and european, their all fought in the name of freedom and equality for the people, not in the name of monarchy or communism or sultanate or theocracy but in the name of democracy. You fools we'll take this world back for the people in the name of democracy and restore the power to the people on a global scale. It's already done in the west and the people are so happy, now we just gotta convert the rest for their best…… They'll fight us but we'll continue to win and their people will thank us years later when they have the chance to live in a society where every man gets an honest and equal chance to create an amazing life for their family. Survival of the fittest in a financial way where only the men who try their very hardest reap the benefits of real freedom. You're right, as long as you people sit on your ass and only read this negative bullshit than you truly aren't free.

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