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  1. Bordain is a sellout… Anthony Bordain calls folks suggesting other than the boxcutter hijackers story "Conspiracy Idiots"…

    Every single person who gets the opportunity to go on the joe rogan show is one of 3 things
    1. a )ew manipulator
    2. a )ew CIA misinformation handler
    3. A UFC fighter who's being promoted by the )ew


    We don't buy Bordain's suicide, it's too )ewy, Amy Goodman is quick to embrace his outspokeness on Palestinians, yet you see Bordain in Israel 'matzo ballin' it up… Amy Goodman, granddaughter of Masonic Rabbi, Amy Goodman is one of the masters of gatekeeping & )ewish deceit, and I've learned how to redline her insidious journalism. She adores Noam Chomsky "Someday I'd love to live in Israel!" – Noam Chomsky Of course you would Noam Chomsky you old ghoulish yarn spinning Rothschild Banking land grabber. Tel Aviv was named in 1910.

    Bordain's last encounter with press, having to talk about the phony N Korea script and its absurdity, I'm telling you, everyone just knows, its time to exit Hollywood, aka Newest Babylon. Art-Culture is a cesspool there now. Weimar Germany, Dietrich and the likes, fled to other places, don't be so surprised that these people would fake a death to go live the rest of their days in obscurity…


    Weinstein, Rose Gowan and her plumped duck lips, just like the Weinstein jew fall from grace… We're seeing )ew distraction shenanigans. They're moving operations!


    Even many 32-33 Degree Freemasons are saying, "Yes, it was all a big scam."  And for me, the flat earthers vs. globers is secondary to the fact that these charlatans have gotten exposed countless times fabricating 'man in space' footage, hoarded $billions, confiscating real estate, and power, under guise of super-intelligence. And these turds have completely encircled the United States, along with MOSSAD's Facebook – Menlo Park CA land grab' locale. These )ews have moved operations. Historically, these parasites leave their host nations decimated upon their departure…

    It's Machiavellian, these strategically placed compounds, these foreign ops, placed around the exterior of citizenry in U.S, moving the peasants into the interior… "Once you see, you can't unsee…"

    Monsanto Family were )ewish slave owners/traders… We all want off the )ew plantation. You can't measure Choseness in DNA Testing….

    "Your churches will be used to teach the )ew's religion and in less than two hundred years, the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire."  Drowning in German )ewry, Coburg Saxe Gotha, aka "The Windsors", a Mammon Usury Society promoting blood rituals with child circumcisions…

    Circumcision kills over 50% of nerve endings in penis. Foreskin provides natural stimulation for lubrication in females. It removes 90+% of all erogenous nerves, depending on the ridged band (ridged 'Band'-'Saturn' Ring, more Masonic, Saturn occult origins) frenular delta and frenulum are removed. Most circumcised men have numb penises and don't even realize its because they never had foreskin. The glands are non-erogenous. These people want an ethnically pure homeland thousands of miles away, but demand to promote this practice in all their usury ran societies. You can fact check, please do. Countries try to ban it, and they go berzerk. 90+% of all baby boys born in hospitals are now being circumcised. Hollywood actresses are paid 💰millions to crinkle their noses at our Creator's original work. These people are re-engineering mankind. It's a Masonic blood ritual, performed on babies. These people know exactly what they're doing. Historically, it was once practiced on all boys as a form of branding and enslavement. It's a 'Universal Hurt" a disconnect, not just for the person being desensitized, but it creates a chain-reaction with every passing generation in all our ability to form healthy bonds/relationships. We can't afford anymore generations of this desensitizing 'mutilation madness'…

    Yes, we're are all aware of other 'offshoots', partaking in this 'Masonic Blood Ritual' Practice. Set them free as well. Set us all free, from having to be a part of all these cruel 'Universal Hurts'…

    This Empire-Construct was christened deceased officially with their 911 false flag fiasco..

    Lucky 911 Larry Silverstein, who raised almost $190 million on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in April, is just the latest in a row of American billionaires looking to leverage the local low interest rate…

    )ews have raped and pillaged U.S, the Americas, they're flocking to M.E, China, etc., like parasites who've devoured their host nation, and now onto their maniacal Utopia…

    We all have to grow up! The False left right paradigm is lame! Answers coming soon, this cabal planned 3 World Wars. Int'l Rothschild )ewry believed they need them to complete their ethnically cleansed, maniacal, 'Promised Land'. You can fact check this. Most of us have.

    Greater Israel Expansion Project sandwiched between Big Oil & African Hi Tech Resources. And the most important trade route on earth. So far killing babies, a 35% Christian population, Seculars, and some Muslims, for Rothschild Banking land grabbers' calling themselves "Chosen." A cultural and breeding alliance engaging in incestuous eugenics to maintain caste system supremacy based on usury not merit… Yet, the rest of us were taught 'Let there be no manmade titles over other men in Natural Law!" You can't measure Choseness in DNA Testing! We can not indulge such a traitorous premise, for all tribes involved.   Sephardic, Ethiopian, European, etc, none of it!!!

    And there was no Zionism, Bolshevism, or Khazar Theory in Cicero's day. But Cicero wrote about this cabal's insidious nature thousands of years ago. These Satanists are Collectivists…

    They steal everything,.. )udaism began with Saturn Worship, encircling, collecting all our (minds), (bodies), &(souls), with, usury, warmongering, yes, and even circumcision – frenular delta & frenulum (ring-band removal) & demanding practice & promotion of it in all their mammon ran societies, like Saturn's Ring, Satan, Saturday…

    Here are )ews relishing demise of Christians… https://youtu.be/FwOsFozU6WE

    Answer for now: 1 belt 1 road, Highspeed Rails, our own Silk Road, N América thru S América, employ all our peoples with significant work. Free of maritime law & asian slave labor.. Ethical, sound, honest work will be the next phase…

    I'm not afraid of Talpiot or any of it. Usury vs Labor, Labor must prevail!

  2. Honestly, what the point of knowing truth of all that is causing death and destruction in this world. If no one can do a damn thing about it. It's run by evil and enough people will never wake up. Much less DO something anyway. And even if they did. Who's to say these elites don't just pull the plug on it all. We're on a bullet train to hell while everyone's asleep and were awake along for the ride. We lose either way.

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