Is obama really the last president? What is there to know about the future world religion coming? Haven’t you heard that a world religion is on the way? Who will you bow down to? God or man?Will there be a third world war?


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  1. "The resurrection of the dead in the Messiah coming on a future Feast of Trumpets" is a clarification of Darby's Rapture theory/doctrine. Therefore, repentance towards the Truth of Yahweh's Word is always necessary.
    Be well, in health, prepared and ready at His Majestic appearing in the clouds.

  2. I just believe that if I Luke 21:36 then we go up….then those missles that you are hearing bout? yeah…. boom smh….
    What is the sense of salvation if we ae delivered to wrath smh? I hope God on't lay this lack of belief on your charge, i pray even through your ignorance you can still make the marriage feast…God Bless

  3. whatever ur belief is thats entirely in ur hands. if u want to believe that "when the missiles come down, we go up" its entirely in ur hands. Just know that there is no such escape, and dont be surprised if you dont get "raptured" when the plagues are falling in rapid successions.

  4. And many christians are going through trials and tribulations also… Yesterday a Pastor in Syria lost 3 children for preaching the Word…. Tribulation can come in many forms not just physical, so there is an escape…

  5. Who said it will be a secret? Why do you think satan pushes the UFO agenda in the media for? ummmm maybe to cover up the missing "true christians"?yeah… God has not appointed us to wrath (tribulation/hell)but to obtain salvation through who? okay… Why would God have christians who walk in FAITH but subjected to works?

    Luke 21:36 sums it up sry…

  6. Hold up now! You have to be very careful about the secret rapture because there is no such doctrine. You and I are no greater than Jesus. Just as Jesus went through tribulation, so also will his servants. His disciples were persecuted, and many followers of God went through tribulation. Do not think even for once that anyone will escape the coming tribulation. The bible insists that God's children will go through tribulation, but he will be with them through the trials. There is no escape sorry

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