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47 Replies to “You Better Know What The Reality Benders Are Really Doing 2018”

  1. I saw a video of Hillary Clinton ( witch ) was giving a speech and people were videoing her and she was glitching now I know why , the evil side just keeps getting worse OMG , may the lord Jesus Christ be with us and help his people see with open eyes !!!

  2. Ya right, the dude sitting on the far right in the chairs is talking about all this crap about teleportation and yet he hasn't discovered the cure for baldness and has one of the worst comb-overs I ever seen…. "Hey dude quit trying to cover the top of your head with the last 10 strands of hair you got left and just shave your head already"….then you can, really become like Captain Picard, but the only place you'll be transported to is directly to Hell.

  3. Like what is the point of this technology. I see no benefit.. they need to leave things alone and stop trying to play god pls.
    Simple is always better.. what they’re doing is creating more problems.

    Does anyone know the name of the ambient piano symphony that plays at 7:30?
    Thanks in advance

  4. I am wondering if this has something to do with 5g? Also, I feel some kinda of way about people who had strokes, & needed brain surgery, to release blood & fluids, to have tubes running from there heads?
    You can't possibly know what they are doing? Then look at the people who's in that room explaining this, acts as though this is a great thing to do to someone? WOW! I don't like it!

  5. Very true information but this technology is outdated it's far more advanced than this. Psyops are older than any religion. The world hasn't changed, people have. Nature hasn't changed a bit other than when people try to control it. Awesome video πŸ‘

  6. About consciousness being an "accidental byproduct": biologists debate this heavily. There's a scholarly article I read in biology called, "Is Consciousness a Spandrel". Spandrels are those spaces in architectural works that result from support pillars and other functional attributes, and they are often decorated so as to be "useful". THAT'S what some think human consciousness is.

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