i have decided to offer people who slag myself off and red pill Phil and Brit Girl calling us all number of things that are untrue a platform to call us out to are face via a live stream i challenge these people to come on and TALK reasonably with each of us and see what comes from it ? i have offered you a platform its over to you.
discord https://discord.gg/Xy8sqGD



where you donations are spent https://youtu.be/wPal9IlCkO8


37 Replies to “You called me a Zionist I challenge you to a live stream”

  1. forgets the 40000 christians the jews killed in hungary forgets that christanity was forced on us by the sword via the romans and jews doesnt research all the jews have done does he no no no just quoutes shit from the 30s or 40s nazi this nazi that lol the jews actually aided hitler hmm bet he didnt know that ashkenazi hmmm look carefully at that name what does it end with hmmm

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